About Sister Houston

Janessa has been so excited to be able to serve a full time mission. She had  people often tell her that they would be surprised if she didn’t serve. Before she left, she wrote up a little something about herself so that the reader might be able to know more of what she is like. So here it is, from Janessa to the reader:

First things first. I am no girly-girl. I grew up being very much of a tom-boy. I was that awkward girl in intermediate school who always wore  basketball shorts and a t-shirt with my hair slicked back in a pony tail. Don’t get me wrong, I still love wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts but not quite at the frequency in which I wore them when I was 12. I have grown up playing sports. I played basketball and soccer for the most part, but when it came to high school I found that soccer was my thing, so I dropped the basketball and focused solely on soccer. I played for my high school girls soccer team all four years. And yes, I was the keeper. [goalie, goal-keeper, or whatever you wish to call it.] I absolutely loved playing soccer and I miss it so much. Mostly I miss that feeling of being part of a team. That feeling that you are part of something bigger. But I loved every minute of it and I wouldn’t have done it any different. I also am a musician. HA! What am I saying? I mean to say that I play a few instruments. Piano has been my forte since I was age 5. I picked up the violin in school in 4th grade. And then when I went up to a year of college taught myself how to play the guitar. Essentially, I’ve got the basics covered. AND I love to sing, though I am not gifted at it [I could not win The Voice or anything like that] but I love to sing my heart out to a good ol’ classic. Let’s see.. what else can I tell you without embarrassing myself.. Oh! I LOVE being outside! I can’t ever get enough of that fresh air. Four-wheelers, rangers, mountains, swimming, hiking, horses, animals, cliff jumping, boating, flyboarding, tubing, wakeboarding.. You name it and I have at least tried it and/or love it. If I could I would sleep outside every night. I was taught growing up to always be outside and play outside. We would always travel up to our ranch or I would always be working on a ranch. There is just a beauty and simplicity about the outdoors that catches my soul.

Random Facts about Sister Houston:

I have a fear of: being in dirty-cold water when I can’t see in it, bouncy balls, and other people poking/putting their finger in my belly button.
My left pinky toe doesn’t move.
I was kicked in the left eye when I was a sophomore on the soccer team.
I beatbox more than I sing.
I named my dog Snickers because she looks like a snickers bar.
My dream car is a Volkswagon Van. [Like the ones that the hippies used to drive!  It would be red and white two tone exterior, white wall tires with a red interior.]
I broke my left collar bone when I was two and a half.

Well, now all you lovely people know a bit about me.. probably more than you want to know. But hey, now we are pals and you can go on reading my posts as if we were best friends!

Senior Picture.

Senior Picture.


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