Regrets and Rewards

Today has been hard and rewarding. 

Recently, I have been involved in two car accidents. Due to these two car accidents, I have had expenses creating skyrocketing charts. A touch of overwhelmedness right? I had all these things going on and all of this stress that was overflowing my bucket and at the end of it all, another thing was added to it. And because I was at such a breaking point, Satan got the best of me. He convinced me to hide it and to keep it a secret and to blow it off like I were nothing and it could be fixed real easily later… well doing so caused me great confusion and great pain and a great heart reaching question. When am I gonna confess? When am I going to let the world know that I’m not as perfect as I portray myself to be in all social media sites… 

While sitting in my institute class, Jesus Christ and the everlasting gospel, I found myself unable to focus. This trespass kept creeping in and stealing the one-man-stage in my mind. I knew i couldn’t keep this up or I’d be called crazy. I knew I needed to confess and come clean. 

Taking me two days, I finally got the courage (through much prayer) to confess . I simply went up to them and said, “i did it. It was me. I didn’t tell you because I felt embarrassed. I’m sorry”. One of the greatest speeches any human can give is the three word sermon of “I am sorry”. 

The freedom that came, and comes, through true confession and repentance is so real. I know that confession is so hard. Like SO hard. But I do know that the joy and happiness that Christ can bring into our life as we let him heal us, is far greater than any pain we could feel. 

When we rely on Christ, he grants us repentance, mercy, and happiness. They are guaranteed to come hand in hand when the repentance is true. 

I know that our cleanliness reflects perfectly our level of happiness. I know that we get credit for trying and I am so grateful for that. 

God is all knowing and Jesus Christ is the Savior. He will save us. Let us let him in. 



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