Week 76 – “Learning to Love” – April 11th, 2016

Goodmorning, folks! Did you get up today? Did you smell the flowers? Did you breath some fresh air? Did you see the colors changing in the trees? Have you smiled today?
This week was great. We had Zone Conference with President Casariego and his wife. Wow. We spoke of respect and about being mature. It went fantastic. I know that President Casariego is a man called of God to be the mission president. When Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke in conference he quoted a scripture in Joshua 3:5. As I heard him resight that scripture, the Spirit affirmed to me that God calls his servants because just 4 weeks earlier our mission president had given us the transfer theme of: Joshua 3:5. Revelation is given to man. We live in a miraculous era.
 If we want someone to listen, maybe we should change the way we talk. We may have a lot to say but words alone won’t teach them how to walk. If they know that you love them they might want to make a change. We don’t need to yell, we don’t need to shout, we can show them. They need to know that we care about them first, because our actions speak much louder than our words.
Nacho will be baptized this saturday! He is progressing. We are going to invite his dad Mario to be baptized on the same day. We are also working with Augustine, the novio (the boyfriend of a member), so that he can recognized his answer which he has already recieved so that he may also  be baptized on Saturday.
Also, please pray for Guillermo who we will be working with to be baptized this week.
God’s not dead. He is surely alive.
As I was writting this letter, a little girl came up to me with a small black garbage back in her hand.
“Señora?” she said to me. “yes” I responded. “Would you have something to share?”, she said.
 I examined her dirt plastered hair and 3 week old clothes. “what was that?.. What do I have?” I asked her. “Can I have your juice?” she asked me while pointing to the newly purchased Gatorade, of which I had taken 2 sips. I looked at the Gatorade, then I looked at the dirt smudges on her face. “You want this gatorade?” I asked, now grabbing it. “yes, please”, she asked politely. “Here you go.” I told her as I gave the gatorade. She was so sweet and so grateful.
Why is it that we as humans are so selfish? There are people around us who don’t even have juice or something to drink. Let’s open up our eyes and see the needs so that we can be the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here on the earth.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and prayers!
I´ll see you soon, then.
Hermana Janessa Houston
D&C 88:123
Joshua 3:5
4-11-16 Hermana Maldonado. Fall colors
Hermana Maldonado – Fall Leaves
4-11-16 Meideso- tan dog, and Negrito-the black dog
Meldiego,  tan dog and Negrito, black dog.  They belong to some young women in the ward.
4-11-16 Nacho Adentro de una silla. He will get baptized this Saturday
Nacho adentro de una silla
4-11-16 Pastaflor. It's a pastry that is delicious
Pastaflor, its a postre here that is riquísimo ( a pastry that is really rich)

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