Week 75 – April 4th, 2016 – The First and Great Doctrine

Buen día a todos vosotros extremos de la tierra!!!!

Get excited, folks! We have technology and we were able to hear the profet speak this last weekend!! Be joyous! We are so blessed!!
This week was crazy awesome! Basically all of our lessons were with members and 3 of our investigators came to general conference with questions that needed to be answered on a sheet of paper. We had all the investigators write down their doubts or questions about the church on a piece of paper and had them take it to General Conference. Their questions were ANSWERED!! We got thinking before conference, “Its pretty hard to doubt the words of the living day profet..” So we took all of our animo and had all of them write they questions down.

It was a beautiful conference. Those who were not able to watch it or did not know that it happened, here is the link: Write down your questions and doubts and concerns and I promise that as you listen and study out the words of the profets you will be given the answer. It is a promise from a representative of Jesus Christ.
We are working hard with Nacho and Augustin who have their baptismal date for the 16th of April. We are so excited and they are progressing so much. They both show true desires to be better and feel better.

We are tired and happy. Before the mission I never thought I would put those two words together and call them both a state of happiness. But now I can. I am happy and tired. Exhausted and joyous. Sore and strong.

We learned a lot about God this week as we listened to General Conference: This is what I learned: I learned that the first and great commandment of God is that we must love him with all of our might, mind and strength. But also, that the first and great doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel is that God loves us and we are His children.
I know that we have a living profet today named Thomas S. Monson. I know that God has restored his gospel here on the earth so that by and through his restored priesthood keys we can unlock the door to salvation and eternal life. We must study the words of the profets. We must pray for those in need but more importantly, we must ACT for those in need. Lets put our shoulder to the wheel and push along.

I love you all. Please pray for all of the investigators of Argentina and of the world. The prayers are needed and felt.

I´ll see you soon, then.

Until next time.
Hermana Janessa Houston
Proverbs 28:13
D&C 121:34-40
4-4-16 Fall is upon us
Fall is upon us
4-4-16 Beautiful Fall Leaves
Beautiful Fall Leaves in Cipoletti, Argentina
4-4-16 Hermana Houston and Hermana Maldonado
Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Janessa Houston
4-4-16 Lara , me and Rocio
Lara, Me and Rocio
4-4-16 Me and Hermana Chavez from Peru
Hermana Chavez, from Peru and Me
4-4-16 Missionaries waiting for next session of Conference to Start
A group of missionaries in between sessions of  General Conference
4-4-16 We ate 8 or 10 pizzas in between conference sessions
We ate 8 or 10 pizzas for lunch in between conference sessions.
4-4-16 We bought and ate Pinona's (Giant Pine Nut)
Hermana Maldonado and I bought Pinanas (Giant Pine Nuts) and ate them.

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