Week 74 – March 28th, 2016

!Buenas! !Buen día! Ojalá que todo esté bien y que estén felices! Dios nos Ama!!
  • a mission activity in our ward that went SO WELL. We printed out missionary name tags from cartel for everyone that came. All of the little kids just absolutely LOVED it. And when we asked all the members how they felt having a name tag on their chest, they all said that they felt important. We presented a mission plan for the family to all of them and then we had games and treats at the end. IT WENT SO WELL!!!
  • The youth of our ward did a silhouette show. IT WAS BASICALLY PROFESSIONAL! They used the song “Thousand Years”. The story that they told was of a young boy growing up and going on a mission, baptizing, coming home, fighting with his girlfriend and then getting married in the Temple with the love of his life. And at the end they have a baby boy and showed him the Temple and oh my goodness it was just the sweetest thing. My companion got it on video.
  • We played a musical number on sunday in Sacrament! WE played “He is the Christ”. I played violin, my comp played the piano and we accompanied Flor (Her name is pronounced like Flower) as she sang.
  • We saw mircales this week. We are teaching a lot of people thanks to the MEMBERS! They are truly working WITH us and not competing. We have had members telling us that they have been praying and fasting for specific people and those specific people are ariving at the church and wanting to get baptized!!! WE ARE SEEING MIRACLES!
  • This is the experience we had this week.
We literally saw miracles yesterday.  At the end of Gospel Principals class we were in the hallway waiting for the other class to get out.  We started to talk with the boyfriend of a member that had been going to church for 3 weeks already. ( We had been trying to connect with his girlfriend and her family to have a home evening with him but things always happened.)  He asked us, “What do you have to do to get baptized?”  I thought, wow!!!   We set a time with him to have the lessons at the church with a member.  We later talked with his girlfriend and told her what had happened and she almost started to cry.  “Sisters,” she said, “I don’t know the number of times I have fasted and prayed.”  He told me the other day he wanted to get baptized and that he wanted to marry me in the great building in Buenos Aires…and so on. (TEMPLE)
I am so happy and so tired and just so grateful to be here in the mission!
I am here learning so much about God: I have learned this week that God uses a lot of symbolism to teach his children. Especially in the Old Testament. I love the scriptures. I love my Savior. And I love the mission.
Thanks you for your love and support!”
Que tengan una buena semana!! Chau!
Hermana Janessa Houston
Jarom 1:11-12
3-28-16 Great attendance at Mission Activity
We had great attendance at our Missionary Activity
3-28-16 Happy Easter
Rodriquez family  fed us and gave us Easter Treats
3-28-16 Hermana Huisar from Mexico
Me and Hermana Huisar from Mexico enjoying frozen yogart-kinda
3-28-16 I taught my comp to play the violin
I taught Hermana Maldonado to play the violin
3-28-16 Making flan and sporting the jams
Making Flan and sporting the PJs.
3-28-16 Mission Activity
Youth at our Missionary Activity
3-28-16 My Comp, You
Me, Comp and two converts
3-28-16 Natalie and Valarie - youth in the ward
Natalie and Valerie from the Ward.
3-28-16 Practicing - This is the Christ - I played in Sacrament on Easter
Practicing “This is the Christ”
3-28-16 Rodriguiez family fed us and gave us Easter Candy
Another selfie with the Rodriguez Family on Easter Sunday
3-28-16 Romina Esclada gave me a ceremonial flag. She served her mission in Columbia. she is quite serious and hysterically funny
Romina Escalada gave me this ceremonial Argentina flag as a souvenier.  She served her mission in Columbia.  She is quite serious, but I think she is hilarious.
3-28-16 This is Melanie - a convert of one year
This is Melanie.  She has been a convert for one year.
3-28-16 Youth that came to Mission activity
Youth that came to the mission activity.  They are the Cutest!!

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