Week 73 – March 21st, 2016 Cuando Hay Hambre, No Hay Pan Duro

God has prepared us, folks. For great things. Small and large. Memorable and forgetable.

Perdón que no tengo mucho tiempo para escribir…encima just acabo de escribir al presidente Casariego.
Well. I don’t have much time. Just know that I am doing well and this we was amazing and crazy and hectic and flawless and just all of the adjectives put in one…
I am learning so much and I am growing.
I have learned a lot about God this week: I have learned that God gives us trials to prepare us for something in the future. I know that the things I have passed through and had to deal with have prepared me for this very week.
God is wise. God is faithful. God is loyal.
Everyone is learning. Help them write their story. Don’t spill your own pen ink on their page. But just help them be insipired and uplifted. We are hear to serve eachother.
The church put out a new video for Easter. Go look it up and share it on facebook:
followhim.mormon.org    hallelujah
Please pray for Nacho, Mario, Morena, María, Martin, Estela, Guillermo… and all those investigators.
3-21-16 Running and delivering photos, Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Houston
Out for our morning jog and delivered some photos to a member.
3-21-16 Zone and Zone Training
Our Zone in Cipoletti
3-21-16 Zone in Cipoletti, Argentina
Zone Training
3-21-16 Hermana Maldonado and I are eating yummy pastries
Hermana Maldonado and I are eating yummy pastries.

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