Chaos – Week 72 – March 14th, 2016

This week went like so:

Got up at 6:30. Dropped hna Hellstern off at the mission office. Picked up hna Vilca, Chavez and Afane from the terminal. Dropped off 6 suitcases at my pension. We 4 went and wrote the family and bought the weekly goods. Returned to the pension to eat. Went to the Cipolletti Terminal to pick up my comp. She didn’t arrive. hna Van Boerum arrives. Her and hna Chavez take a taxi to my pension. I took a taxi to Neuquen to pick up my companion. I walk into the mission home and I meet hna Hellsterns parents and sister as well as the parents and sister of hna Farrow. I pick up my companion. We go in taxi to the pension to drop off her luggage. My comp and I go to terminal to send off some other hermanas and to pick up the hermana Larson. The bus driver wouldn’t let them put their luggage on so we got stuck with their luggage. We took the taxi with the extra luggage to the pension. We sent the hna Vilca,  hna Afane and hna Larson to the pension of hermana Larson. We all sleep the night in the pension. We wake up at 6:30. Exersice. Eat. studies. Cyber to let the new hermanas write their families. We took hna Van Boerum and Chavez to Fernández Oro. We showed them their pension. We left them there. hna Larson goes to pick up her newbie because she is training. hna Vilca and Afane stay with us because they didn’t have a pension in their new area. We almost send them to Allen but then we get a call from the office saying they got a pension. We sent the hnas in taxsi to their new area. and then….
Oh holy smokes it was a hectic 4 days and has been a chaotic 7 days. We taught a total of 6 lessons with week because we were sooooooooo busy with the new hermanas and getting them all settled and oh my goodness and I am just so happy to be ALIVE!
I CAN BREATH! I am thankful for my air. Yup.
My new companion is the Hermana Maldonado. She is from Tandil, Buenas Aires. She is basically hysterical and we just laugh are little heads off all day! We have been enjoying ourselves. She is a hard working and a great teacher. We are going to see miracles! We make mistakes but the Lord helps us.
This ward is AMAZING! We are seeing so much support and help from the members that basically on Sunday our planners are being filled by them!!!!! its basically pretty cooll…. or… FLIPPING AWESOME!!!
Be a good member!
I learned a lot about God this week: God can change us. He can. It’s fact. But He can only change us when we let Him. He will never force us. He will never take away our agency because He is loving. But He does wish for us to trust in Him completely.
May we let God change us and make us better every day.
Hay mucho por reír. Les quiero mucho! Sigan adelante!
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston3-14-16 Transfers - Phew
Transfers – Phew
3-14-16 Waiting for companions and Pensions
Waiting for other Companions and Clearance for Pensions
3-14-16 Less Active Member that is genius in his knowledge about the Bible.  His is Broken
This less active member is a genius in his knowledge about the Bible.  His is broken

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