His Name is Jesus – Week 71 March 7th, 2016

There was an hermana is our district named hermana Lahmann from California. She sings like an angel and writes music. She has been writing a song for some months now that is called “His name is Jesus”. She has it all in her head but doesn’t play the piano much, So. On Monday, we sat down at the piano and as she sang I went along playing the notes and at the end of the half hour we had written the music to accompany the sweet words. IT WAS SO AWESOME!
I absolutely love music and I know that we can bear our testimonies through great singing.

We had a pretty crazy week.

We had been praying to find an investigator, Camila, in her house. And we just couldn’t find her. My companion had been praying basically the whole transfer to be able to find her. (I didn’t know who she was). We had been praying to find her in her house but nothing seemed to be happening so my companion changed her prayer. She asked the Lord to help us find her in the street. That we could be able to cross her on a corner or see her on the other side of the street or something. That was Thursday night that she had prayed for this.  On Friday we were walking down a street like always and all of a sudden my companion asks me, “Is that Camila?” She puts her hand over her gasping mouth. Lo and behold it WAS Camila. Something so simple as to find someone in the street.
And God answered.

We taught her later that night and come to find out her brother, who lives in Chile, is the Branch President and her sister in law is a member! We invited her to be baptized and she said she wants to!! We didn’t put a specific date because she is currently living with her boyfriend Cristian. So please pray for her!

Please pray for Bauti, Martín, Nacho, Mario, Morena, Roxana, Etel, Atonela and Camila.

My companion the Hermana Hellstern… I dropped her off at the mission home today. She ended her mission faithfully. She is an amazing missionary and I have learned so much from her. I am so glad to be able to call her one of my best friends from here in the mission. She is fantastic. I wish her well.

Also, I am sending a shout out to Hermana Larson. It was her birthday yesterday and she will be training a newbie this transfer!

I learned a lot about God this week: When we sanctify ourselves and act on our faith, the miracles, even the small ones, come in grand measures. The Lord is very conscious of his children. God wants to open up the door to heaven to his children. He has that longing desire. But we, as those on the other side of the door, have the key. Let us unlock that door by entering into the waters of baptism.

My New companion is the Hermana Maldonado. She is from Buenas Aires. She is AWESOME I have heard. She hasn’t gotten here yet so I haven’t met her but…

“His name is Jesus. He’ll never leave us. And even if we fall. He’s there through it all. it all. And every pain, temptation or… dificult situation.. he is there”.

His name is Jesus.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
3-7-16 Cinnamon Rolls for Hermana Larsen's Birthday
I made cinnamon rolls for Hermana Larson’s birthday.
3-7-16 Hermanos made a cake for Hermana Larsen's b-day
Hermanos made a birthday cake for Hermana Larson.
3-7-16 District Selfie
District Selfie
3-7-16 Soccer on P-Day
Soccer on P-Day is always a favorite
3-7-16 This is the hermana Lahmann whom with we wrote the music to that song.  She is one of the happiest peoples I have ever met.
3-7-16 This is the hermana Lahmann whom with we wrote the music to that song. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met.
3-7-16 Melina Gambera is a member.  I really liked her shirt.
3-7-16 Melina Gambera is a member. I really liked her shirt.3-7-16 A boy named Fransico is in the tree
3-7-16 A boy named Fransico is in the tree.

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