Week 70 – February 29th, 2016 – Small Plates and a White Night

Okay I think I might have to go by points this email because I have so much that I want to tell you!

Okay. So..

This week we had a satelite transmission conference with Elder David A. Bednar with all of the missionaries (6000 of us) from the South America South Area of the church. It was incredible. I learned that we need to write small plates and not large plates.

After the transmission we got stuck in Neuquén because some people who are mad at the government went and cut the bridge, meaning they went and stood in front of it so no one could go through, cuz they want more money or something like that. So we had to have lunch in basically a mall here in Neuquén that is called JUMBO. It was like taking a 2 hour trip to the WORLD!
It was fun but it was absolutely awful! I hope the world really isn’t like that! We had to look at our feet and such, but on the plus side we did get to eat at Subway and/or Burger King and/or McDonanlds. It was CRAZY!

I was companions with the Hermana Larson for one whole day this week. It was a smallish kind of flash back to our days in Esquel but even better. She speaks perfect spanish and is such a good missionary! I love her so much! She is going to be a great leader in the mission and in the world.

We were able to see Bautista and Martín Rodriguez get baptized! IT WAS SO AWESOME! We had 6 baptisms all together as a ward! The elders had two, we had two and  the other hermanas had one and the ward itself had an 8 year old get baptized! It was amazing! It was literally a WHITE NIGHT. As we ended the evening we were analyzing how are day went and pointing out a bunch of things that could have gone wrong and/or went wrong (like not having enough water to fill up the baptismal font and having to go into the attic of the church to open up some big tanks of water to get the baptismal font filled)… but everything turned out MARVELOUS!

post it note: I played the violin as hermana lahman,  hermana ringen and Flor Bravo (a young women from our ward) sang Simple Gifts – but in spanish. It was super fun and nerve racking because I hadn’t played the violin for so long but I am so grateful for the talent that my Heavenly Father has given me and I know I shouldn’t hide those talents which he gives me. I love music and I know it is a great way to testify of my Savior!

This week I learned a lot about God: I learned that He wants us to be humble because when we are humble He gives us the companionship of the Holy Ghost, which we need daily. I also learned that He is pleased when His sons and daughters enter into the covenant of baptism by immersion by someone holding the authority of God. He is pleased.

I know that as we are baptized, the doors of heaven are literally opened to us. Heleman 3:28

Thank you all for your support and love! Keep up the good work. Share the gospel! It is our duty as members!

Los quiero muchísimo! Qué tengan una semana llena de milagros!
Hermana Janessa Houston
2-29-16  8 people got baptized today

6 people were baptized tonight.  Woo Hoo

2-29-16 Bautista and Martin Rodriquez were baptized

Bautista and Martin Rodriguez got baptized

2-29-16 Cool  Hermana Hellstrom, Baustita, Martin and me

Sporting some cool shades. Hermana Hellstrom, Bautista and Martin Rodriguez and Hermana Houston

2-29-16 Happy Baptism Day, Bautista and Martin

Bautista and Martin are SO HAPPY

2-29-16 Rodriguez Family

Rodriguez Family

2-29-16 Thumbs Up

Thumbs UP – It’s a great day

2-29-16 Attic for Water

Elders had to unleash the Water Tanks in the Attic, so they could fill baptismal font.

2-29-16 Barfy Burgers

Barfy Burgers

2-29-16 Baptisms.  Hurray




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