Week 68 – The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

You have all heard of those country singers that sing insanely low notes, no? They just rumble the whole room when they sing? I AM THAT GUY! haha. Just kidding but on Saturday and Sunday I basically had the adam’s-apple of a thirty year old macho man. I was singing the bass notes and everything! But my throat has recuperated and I am doing well.

This week we saw a lot more success than last week. We have been contacting in the streets between appointments and we have met some incredible people.

As hermana leaders we get to do exchanges with the hermanas in our zone. I got to do them with Hermana Ringen, from Idaho. She is great! I learned soo much from her! We taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon to our investigators Ricardo and Monica. The way she taught it was so simple and easy to understand that they UNDERSTOOD!!!! I feel so grateful for the opportunity to get to know the missionaries here and learn from each one. I know that the  Lord wants us to learn from all of those that surround us.

I wish that everyone would read the Book of Mormon.  It is a book with great power and love. I know that the prophets wrote it for our benefit today in these latter days. I know that as we read the words of the prophets daily we can come closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We talked a lot with our investigators and the members this week about the celestial kingdom. We asked them all, “Who do you want to be there with you in the Celestial Kingdom?” As we asked this question we read in Doctrine and Coventants 137 and had them all write down the names of the people the wish to see in the Kingdom on God. It was a very spiritual experience. I invite all of you to write down the names of allllll the people whom you wish to see in the Celestial Kindgom. Read D&C 137 and then makes plans about how you will help these people arrive with you. (Great FHE).

The celesital kindgom is the goal. The eternal family is the celestial happiness. Let us not leave anyone behind.

I hope you all have a great week!

Please pray for Bauti, Martin, Cecilia, Emmanuel, Familia Fernández, and all those of the city Cipolletti!

God bless you all. I have been learning a lot about the character of our Heavenly Father lately. He his full of Justice but also of Mercy.

Make Monday matter for someone today.

Que tengan una semana llena de milagros y experiencias misionales!

Los quiero muchísimo.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston

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