Week 67 – Luckily it Rained – February 8th, 2016

I am happy, healthy and working. We got some rain this week! But today its about roast an egg and some bacon hot outside and tomorrow it should be free skin cancer hot… so Yeah you could say we are enjoying ourselves.

It gets hot here. About 95.. But the difference is that here, having air conditioning is very very rare. You have to have a LOT of money to be able to pay air conditioning, so basically you enter into the homes here hoping to breath some crispy fresh air and what you get it flies and yesterdays lunch.
 I admire the people here for the heat they can take. I am not complaining at all because usually I can’t feel the heat, (God gives me help). But I am so grateful for all the blessings God has giving me!

This week we received a message from our investigator, Cecilia, that she and her husband set a date to get married!!!!!!! And not only that, but they are doing it to put their life more in harmony with the will of God!! HOW FAITHFUL THEY ARE !!!

Our investigator Rocío moved to Las Grutas, (far away), because she couldn’t find a place to rent….. IT WAS SAD. But she told us that she will keep reading the book of mormon and that she may look for a church. She was progressing so much! But we do know that the Lord has his plan.

We had a big consejo with President Casariego as Zone leaders and Hermana Leaders. It was absolutely amazing! We are focusing on planning here in the mission because there are a lot of missionaries that plan and then they never even look at their goals. We are focusing on becoming more responsible.

We saw mircles this week! Firstly, remember how I said that I was humbled by the concrete??

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson so it threw me down again on Saturday, but this time I learned and almost caught myself. I still fell but I didn’t scrape up anything. Blessings, right? Secondly, a less active came to church, (well actually we went to eat breakfast with them on Sunday so that they would come), but the dad came and he even got up to bear his sweet testimony of the scriptures! It was amazing! Logros!

We are working so hard and having fun!

I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are two seperate beings and that they both love us so much!

I am a missionary and I am a servant of the Lord. I know that the great goal of God is that we all arrive at His front door.

I do not want to get to our Heavenly Father’s front door with out all of my brothers and sisters. That is my motive. I feel like the sons of Mosiah in Mosiah 28:3. My goal is to get back home all together, without any lost sheep.

Matthew 3:13-17. Christ was baptized, being perfect. Let us all be baptized in His name to fullfill his great goal of saving us all. Baptizm is the door to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston

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