Week 66 – February 1st, 2016 – Cipoletti

Well, the weather is hot hot hot and hot here. Cipolletti is a cool place and it’s big. It reminds me a lot of Salt Lake but smaller.

So. Imagine this. We went running this morning as we do every morning. Today was a little extra warm but we kept going. I always try to think of something instead of my feet, you know? So I decided to randomly throw myself on the ground because I wanted to go back to my good old goalie days at Desert Hills, right? But then my knees caught fire and my elbow fell into some lava and my companion suddenly asked me if I was okay. I rolled onto my back and realized that there was a crack in the sidewalk about half an inch tall that reached out and grabbed my toe and threw me down. Okay, okay.. I am hard serving it…

I tripped…. face plant..

I have some pretty beautiful raspberries on my knees and elbow but HEY! Life goes on ya know? I was humbled.

This week was cool. My companion and i didn’t have to go through that how awkward – get to know your companion, and how does she teach stage, because we know each other so well already. So we just swanned dived into the work.. Better said as a cannon ball.

We are working with Rocío. She is 19 and has a one year old girl. She is progressing sooo much! She is reading the book of Mormon, about 5 chapters each day, and she is seeing the changes in her life! She has told us that she feels more patient and she just feels better over all. We need to find her a place to rent so that she can be financially stable. She is amazing!

We get to church on Sunday and guess who was there??? 8 INVESTIGATROS! yay!! oh my goodness my heart sunk! The church here in Cipolletti is about as big as a stake center in St. George. It is absolutely GIGANTIC! I love it!. The bishop is awesome and everyone has a calling and the ward just works so well together. Its a miracle!!!

This week I learned a lot about God: I learned that literally he works by the faith of his children. On Sunday we didn’t have any food in the pension and we didn’t have a scheduled lunch with anyone in the ward. And on Sundays we don’t go shopping so we left for church having faith that someone would give us some kind of food. And it worked! The Lord blessed us with a lunch and 3 peaches each! I am so grateful. It may seem like a small thing but it really was amazing.

I realized this week that service is what makes me happy. I have never been more happy or more filled with joy in my whole life. I am so grateful to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. I do nothing but His will.

I have never been happier in my life.

I love you all. I know that the Lord loves all of you! I am so happy.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston

2-1-16 Cipoletti, Hermana Larson and me
Look who is in my district!!!  The awesome Hermana Larson.
2-1-16 Hermana Houston and Hermana Hellstern, New Companionship
Hermana Hellstern and I practicing our Spanish Colors.  She is my new Companion:)
2-1-16 Waffle night at a members house
Waffle Night at a members house in Cipoletti.

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