Week 65 -Man exists so that he might have JOY – January 25th, 2016


Wow. I am just feeling one hundred percent today!!!!!! YAY! I am pumped!!! No eating here tonight, wooo! eating here tonight,, no no no no … eating here tonight, your on a DIET!.  (Finding Nemo movie – haha).

We saw miracles this week. So you remember Julie? (Yuli). She was going to get baptized right?? At the beginning of the week we found out that her Mom wouldn’t let her get baptized, cuz ya know when someone is under aged they have to get the okay and signature from their parents. So what did we do? We went and bought ice cream and cried….

NO WE DID NOT! We decided to pray fervently and we decided to fast. On Thursday after lunch we started our fast and Friday in the morning we passed by Yuli´s house. She had promised us that she would talk to her parents about why she was wanting to be baptized because when we talked to them they told us no. We asked her how it went and she told us that it went bad and that she wasn’t going to be able to get baptized this Saturday

At first I felt sadness.. Then as we began talking to her and as the member who was with us began testifying of enduring to the end a silent peace came over us. We knew that the Lord had us in mind and that He knows how Yuli feels. I gained a strong testimony that we can do all we can and even push ourselves a little further but it is all in His time.

On Saturday, we called Yuli to see if she was going to be able to fulfill her commitment to come to church. She told us that no but that she had something big to tell us. She told us that on friday evening after we had left her house, we had invited her to pray to know if it’s true, so she went and knelt down and prayed. She said that she felt something so good that she began to cry. She was basically (almost) screaming into the phone, “I gained a testimony!! I gained a testimony!! I know its true!!” The joy and happiness that filled my heart and soul could not be contained! Believe me folks, I don’t think I have ever smiled that big. When we sincerely want to know and when we ask in Christ name to the Father, He will answer.
Although Yuli didn’t get baptized we were able to see an 11 year old boy, Rodrigo, get baptized. Most of his family is very active and very fulfilling in their callings in the church. His uncle, Luciano, baptized him. It was the first time Luciano had baptized anyone and I cannot even tell you the spirit of love that was in that room. As we heard him say the pray the spirit filled the room and tears were shed. I know that the priesthood power of God has been restored here on the earth.

Well sadly I was transfered. I absolutely loved my time in Cutral Co, especially this last transfer with the hermana Guida and my district. We saw so much success even in the little things. It was rough saying goodbye to all of the amazing families there. I feel so priviledged for having been in Cutral Co and for having learned all that the Lord taught me. I think the number one thing I learned there was patience.

I am now in a place called Cipoletti, Rio Negro, Argentina. It is the neighber of Neuquén. My new companion is the hermana Hellstern from Logan, Utah. She has been in soo many pictures of mine from the mission. Especially from Esquel. She is SO AWESOME! We are going to have so much fun as we work our little tails off. It is a lot more green and a bit more humid here in Cipoletti.

What I learned about God this week: He is all knowing and His timing is not our timing. He has His plan. He is merciful unto his obedient children.

It’s crazy how one person can get to an area and in only 3 or 4 months create connections and friendships that will last eternities. I love being able to get to know my brothers and sisters here in Argentina.

Thank you all for the support and prayers and letters! I love you all! But most importantly…

I love being a missionary.
Hermana Janessa Houston
1-25-16  Inostroza family. They are our dueños and a great member family! Sami, Lara and Liliana.
Inostroza Family.  They are so cool.  Sami, Lara and Lillian.  A Great Member Family.
1-25-16  last selfie with the Hermana Guida in the middle of hte street. we are cool.
Last Selfie with Hermana Guida.
1-25-16  Luisa Guitierrez read the scriptures every day after we gave her this calendar.  I made her a cake to celebrate.  She is awesome.
Luisa Guiterrez – a less active – read these scriptures every day on this scripture calendar that we gave her.  I made her a cake to celebrate.  It was a one month calendar.
1-25-16  This is what a normal transfer day looks like here in Neuquén.
This is what a normal transfer day looks like in Neuquen, Argentina Airport.
1-25-16  Thumbs up from me and the bishop's family here in cutral co argentina.
Thumbs up with the Bishop and his family – here in Cultra Co.
1-25-16 Holding up Cultra -Co
Holding up Cultra Co.  Jesus Statue.
1-25-16 Jesus1-25-16 Hubo un bautizmo de Rodrigo. This is Rodrigo that was baptized this saturday.  He is 11 and has so much faith in Jesus Christ.
Rodrigo was baptized by his Uncle Luciano.
1-25-16 Rodrigo with his uncle hugging after the baptism. soooo coool. and sooo spiritual.
Rodrigo hugs his uncle Luciano after being baptized.
1-25-16 I love this sticker. Be mormon. Be happy.
Be Mormon, Be Happy.  I love this sticker.
1-25-16 The Palma Family. Facundo, Silvana, Yamila and Eduardo. The dad is our ward mission leader and their kids always help us in lessons.
The Palma Family.  Fucanda, Silvana, Yamila and Eduardo.  The dad is our ward mission leader, and the kids and wife always help with our lessons.
1-25-16 These are the primary kids. They all hugged me and said -don't leave.  My heart basically ripped into 5
These are some of the Primary children.  They hugged me and told me that they didn’t want me to go.  My heart broken in to pieces.
1-25-16 This is a less active named Claudia Rizza and she made this for me!!!! SHE PAINTED IT! HOW COOL!
Claudia Rizza – a less active- painted this for me.  It is SOOOOO Cool.
1-25-16 This is the Rizza Family.  The two little girls are going to get baptized.
Rizza family – Their two daughters are going to be baptized.
1-25-16 This is Luisa and her husband.  They gave me this little Argentine flag as a recuerdo. They are great
Luisa and her husband gave me a little Argentine flag as a Recuerdo.
1-25-16 This is Agustina and her mom Hermana Carrón. They are absolutely amazing. I want to be like the hermana Carron when i get older!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH°
I want to be like these ladies when I grow up. Augustina and her mom Hermana Carron.
1-25-16 THIS IS MY ARGENTINE KIMBERLY. This is Rayen. She reminds me so much of kim! I have better pictures. hahha
This is Rayen.  She reminds me of Kimberly.
1-25-16 This is Natalia Salinas, a really great teacher and person, and Luciano Ortiz, the uncle of the boy who got baptized.
Natalie Salinas – she is a great teacher.  Also Luciano Ortiz. He is uncle to Rodrigo.
1-25-16 This is the famous Hermana Oty. She is the best member. She helps us soo much with the misionary work and she cooks a great lunch.
Hemana Oty.  She is a great member and helps SO much!!

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