Week 64 -Anxiously Engaged in a Good Cause -‘ January 18, 2016

We got invited to a birthday party this week of one of the young women, Nahir (naheer). She turned 17. We got there and we just ate some good argentine cake and chit chatted. I was listening, as I often do, and the youth were all talking about how great EFY was this past week and then all of a sudden, Nahir and Sami, got everyone’s attention and asked, “Hey guys!, how are we going to raise money to go to the temple this year in July? We could sell canelones(an argentine food), or …..”. They didn’t talk about the cutest kid in school or about jokes or things like that..

HOW COOL ARE THEY! They raise their own money to go to the temple! They are so anxiously engaged in a good cause that will help them gain their personal salvation! I invite all of the youth and young adults to have the same goal as them! GO TO THE TEMPLE! Be anxiously engaged in something amazing that the church offers!
The youth here are absolutely amazing! I want to be like them one day!

Alma 6:6
This week we taught a girl named Juli, (julie). She is a doll and about a year ago she was assisting the church, even the mutuals! She accepted the baptismal date of THIS SATURDAY! YAY! She is all prepared and everything, all we need is the okay from her parents. Her parents have told us no… because she is only 14 and they will let her make that decision when she is 18. But I know that the Lord will provide for her. We are going to be fasting as a district so that the miracles will happen. Pray for her!
Mariana and Octavio are progressing. They are learning alot.
OH MY GOODNESS SAKES GUESS WHAT??? We had 3 investigators in church and so did the elders!! So how many is that??
6 SOULS IN THE WALLS OF GOD’S CHURCH. It was an amazing trail of faith for us but we have been so happy to see the people arriving at church these last few weeks. We had 81 people in church on Sunday! 81!!!!!!! We usually have about 65 or 70 but look at that difference! 10 or 15 souls helped this week! We are so happy and we are just so pumped and stoked to see the fruits of all the sweat we are having.
I don’t have much time but just know that I am so happy. These last 5 or 6 weeks with my comp Hermana Guida and here in Cutral Có have been absolutely fulfilling. I am so happy. I wouldn’t want to be in any other place!
I know that the gospel is preached and shared for the simple and weak ones. I am weak. I know that nothing brings me more joy than sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with my brothers and sisters here in Argentina.
Pray for a missionary experience this week! I love you all!
Revelation 3:20
DyC 27:2 (Sacrament)

Hermana Janessa Houston

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