Week 62 – A New Year – January 4th, 2016

What Did you all learn this year? What was the great success that you were able to reach? and How are you all going to apply it in this year of 2016? What was your dream of 2015 that you weren’t able to reach? and why? Have you asked God what He wishes of you this year of 2016?

This year I have been able to learn, with the Lord’s help, how to communicte myself in the language of Spanish, or as they call it here, Castellano. I feel successful. I feel changed. I feel blessed.
So what did you learn in 2015?

Just imagine sad clouds pouring heavy teardrops all over the earth, and then image zooming in on two sister missionaries. One has a grocery bag full and another has a long french bread loaf of bread underneath her right arm/armpit to keep the bread from getting wet as they walked home. That is what happened to us this week. Sooo amazing to feel rain on my skin. I had been praying for rain because it has been so hot, and what did God do? He sent rain. He listens, folks, even to the little stuff.

We got 14 referrals this week! It was amazing! We had quite a successful week. We were thinking that no one was going to come to church on Sunday because EVERYONE is on vacation. I prayed fervently on sunday morning that God would help someone come to church. We got to church and what do you know, the grandkids of a member came with her and are now our new investigators. As well as a man came in with another member and he is now the elder’s investigator.
The Lord hears our prayers and lets us know that He loves us. That is what I learned about God. Maybe I don’t know how He does it or maybe I don’t understand completely why He does but I know that He hears and answers every single sincere prayer of every single one of His children.
When you need something, Pray. When you are grateful, pray. When you need counsel and comfort, Pray.
He hears us.
I hope that all of you had an amazing New Year and that you all have put goals and set up some plans to accomplish your dreams
The scriptures tell us constantly that if we keep the commandments we will PROSPER IN THE LAND. That means reach our goals. It doesn’t mean we won’t have financial problems. It means that we won’t have to suffer.
Let us follow the cousel of a wise and living prophet when he says: “Keep the commandments”. Our Prophet Thomas S. Monson told us this last conference that that is exactly what we need to do. So let us do it.
I am happy and healthy and I have never felt more like a missionary than now. I am happy with where I am and I am happy with who the Lord is turning me into. I feel very humbled to be able to be blessed with these people around me, here in Argentina.
I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called by him to preach his word among his people so that can reach eternal life.

How great and marvelous is this calling… I feel very grateful and humbled. 

Hermana Janessa Houston
P.S. Everyone who has their patriachal blessing, I invite you to read it and put a goal for 2016 according to your blessing!
Love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support!

1-4-16  The first picture of 2016

The first picture of 2016.  Cultra Co, Argentina

1-4-16  We ate Asado.  It was soooo good!

We ate Asado for New Years Eve Barbecue.  It is soooo goood.

1-4-16 New Year's Eve  December 31st,  2015

Barbecue with the Missionaries

1-4-16 We made a delicious Salmon dinner

We made Ginger Salmon.  Yum

1-4-16 We spent New Years with this couple who have been married 8 months.  They graced us with a dance.

We ate with a couple that has been married for 8 months.  They danced for us.



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