Week 61 – December 28th, 2015 – Fireworks, Battles and a Happy Holiday

It was a week full of tender mercies.

We had a conference with President Casariego about Christmas and our duty as missionaries.  It was very inspired.
On Christmas Eve my companion and I got to skype with OUR FAMILIES! She skyped first and then I skyped.
I think I was more nervous to skype my family than I ever have been to even hold a boys hand! sweating rivers.
But all went well! Don’t worry folks I am pretty good at keeping it cool! I got to speak with my family by Skype and they sang me Feliz Navidad. That was probably one of the greatest moments of my entire mission. I got it on video even!
We had a cena with a family in Plaza Huincal the 24th. We ate chicken and vegetables and home made pumpkn pie. It was different but good 🙂 We got to spend just some chillaxed time with members and missionaries. We got to the pension at night and at midnight the battle started. A member had told us to note be frightened when midnight hit. But let me just tell you. Cutral Co turns into a battle field of fireworks and explosives at midnight. Our neighbor had these fireworks that sounded just like gunshots. I’ll just say this: The people here spend more money on fireworks then on food. yeah.
Christmas morning I made french toast and maple syrup. AMAZING. and then we passed out all of our a Savior has been born cards to everyone in the street. We ate pizza and ice cream for lunch and then went and played futbol in 95 degree weather. yeah. It was fabulous. BUT OH MY LAND IT WAS SOOOOO HOT! Every 10 minutes we had to stop and drink water or get our heads wet under the outside spiket. It was so hot but I was happy to spend my christmas playing soccer and then later playing scum. It was really relaxed.
CHRIST WAS BORN AND HAS RISEN AND LIVES TODAY TO SAVE US! He came to the world to redeem us not to condemn us.  

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and that you all were able to think more of your Savior Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. Christmas is the best in the mission.
Hermana Janessa Houston
12-28-15 Reindeer in the house
Reindeer in the house?  Funny.
12-28-15 Missionaries on Christmas EVE
12-28-15 All missionaries in our district. We ate Christmas Dinner at Hermana Castillos house.  YUM
Christmas Dinner at Hermana Castillo’s House.
12-28-15 I made french toast and maple syrup.  YUM
French Toast on Christmas Morning.
12-28-15 Gifts from HOME
Gifts from Home.
12-28-15 Selfie after Janessa skyped with the family
Selfie of JOY – after Skyping with my Family!!
12-28-15 Two Young Men from my ward.  They think Kimi is very pretty. Alajo in back and Jonny in front
Alejo and Jonny think my sister Kimberly is very pretty!!
12-28-15 We played soccer in 95 or 100 degree weather.
We played Futball (soccer) on Christmas Day.  95-100 Degree weather.

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