Week 59 – December 14th, 2015 A Graceful Father

Today is tranfers and my companion got sent to the south to El Bolsón. I will be staying here in Cutral Có and I will be training! I am so excited! I will be here in Zapala for 3 days and on Thursday I will go to Neuquén to get my new companion. Pray for us! We are going to learn a lot together!

This week was probably the best week of this whole transfer! Or probably the best week I have had here in Cutral Có. The Lord blessed us so much in every way!
On Friday we went as a district to a local plaza to sing christmas hymns to the people. As we did that we saw that the people really softened up. But as we were finishing I remembered about a family we had contacted in a local paper shop. We went and caught them just in time. They were about to close but they let us in and we sang Silent Night and as we left, the Mom told us that we were like angels. That was exactly what she needed. MIRACLE! Because she told us we could come back whenever we wanted!
Then as we were going back to the pension we turned a corner and a man came out of his house and asked us if he could come visit our church because he has wanted to visit it for like 3 years! We told him to come on Sunday with his wife and guess what. THEY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also another investigator, Fabian, (remember him?). WE HAD 3 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH YESTERDAY! It was actually so amazing.
This week has been so gratifying. I am so grateful to be here. The Lord is preparing the people! We just have to find and teach. Teach Teach Teach.

This is the work of the Lord. Let’s help it.

I never want to leave this vineyard.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Houston

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