Week 58 – God wants us to be happy

Here in Argentina they have holidays for basically everything. From old presidentes of the country to even bugs. This last weekend was a 5 day holiday and no one even knows why.. Culture. It’s a thing I guess.

On Saturday we contacted an older man outside of his house that was watching his grandma (who is about 100 years old and doesn’t hear anything anymore, not even sirens). As we talked to this man the old lady thought that we were selling something and as we were trying to explain to this man about the celestial kingdom and baptism the little old lady said, “Cacho! (the name of the man), come inside. Get out of here girls,  we don’t want to buy anything!” The Hermana Gonzales could not contain herself. She burst into laughter which caused the man to also laugh. We ended up with a giggle fit and a future investigator.
I love old people. But I am still fascinated in how every elderly person here in Argentina has managed to fold themselves in half. They have all become a sort of upside down ‘L’ shape. It’s just something interesting.
This week we had some struggles but we also found 3 new investigatores. Carlos, Daniel and Fabian. Remember Fabian? I had talked about him before and that he asked us to teach him. We had dropped him because we could never find him but just last night we passed by his house and found him there and taught him about Christ. He didn’t know why we celebrate Christmas. How crazy?
We have been able to really feel the spirit of Christmas coming into the neighborhood because a new video went out on internet from the Church. Ha nacido un Salvador is what its called in Spanish. In english I think it would be a savior has been born. Something like that. I invite you all to go watch it and share it on your social networks! From what we heard the church has been putting out new videos every day this week. Search them and share one.
We had interviews with President Casariego this week and he gave me a lot of answers that I had been praying for! He told me that we need to turn all the negative things upside down and make a positive thing. Turn the frowns upside down!! I have been able to see the difference.
The power of the fast. I have been able to experience the power and personal revelation that come with fasting and prayer. I was able to recieve personal guidance and revelation this week as we had fast and testimony meeting Sunday.
I am learning so much. I can honestly say that I speak Spanish. I do. It flows now. I can think and even sometimes dream in Spanish! How wonderful! I obviously continue to study it and practice because I don’t want to lose it but I can get my way around town just fine! YAY ESPAÑOL!
Our Lord and Redeemer needs help. What he needs are disciples. He needs someone to feed his sheep and save his lambs. He needs someone to preach his gopsel and defend his faith. he needs someone who loves him. really truly loves him. I invite all of you to repent. I’ll do it and we’ll all do it and we’ll all march into the future together. Let’s repent and not impeed our neighbors and extented family and friend the salvation that is given by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let’s help Christ give the gift of salvation this Christmas, the gift for which he was born into this world to give. Let’s share the gospel and invite the people to come unto Him. Because we know of the happiness and joy that comes through the Savior who was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Let’s let the world know that salvation comes through and solely through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It’s a marvelous gospel that we need to share! It makes us happy. Let’s help other people be happy in the life by sharing with them the simplicity of the birth of the Rescuer named Jesus Christ. Let’s help them understand that “Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.” We know its possible because we have lived it.
What I learned about God this week: I learned this week that God wants us to be happy. There is a video in Youtube that is called “Validation”. Please go watch it! We can make that difference. !
A King has been born.
He is the Savior, Redeemer and Liborator.
He is Jesus Christ.

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