Week 57 – November 30, 20151-30-15

We have dropped a lot of our investigators this week and we have been finding new ones. We are seeing miracles.

Please pray for La Hermana Luisa Guitierrez. She is an older lady in our ward that was hit by car and broke her ankle and had to go get it operated. Luckily the operation went well. But afterwards she started having pain in her chest and as they took her back to the hospital they found blood clots in her bronchiol tubes and they found other problems in her heart. So she was in critical condition for more than 24 hours. When Hermana Gonzales and I found out we instantly started a fast. We fasted and  called her husband a few hours later to see how she was doing and he said that she was getting better.
Fasting and Prayer really does bring miracles.
I have been learning these last few weeks that as I lose myself completely in the work of the Lord, He provides for everything else. He provides food, shelter, weather and even investigators. I am truly grateful to be in the mission. I am grateful that the Lord teaches me. This week especially He has been trying to teach me something that I haven’t quite figured out yet. But I know with prayer and scripture study and fasting I can recieve the revelation needed.
What I learned about God this week: I learned that God knows us and He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He puts trials in our lives to help us develop our talents and stretch our faith.
Be grateful for the trials you are passing through. Not because they are easy. But because they teach us how to love other people.
Keep your chins high and your shoulders square towards your goal.
Live what the Lord teaches you. Live the gospel. It makes everything that much better. And we recieve the promised blessings.
I love you all and thank you all for you prayers.
The Lord is good.
The Lord teaches us.
Helaman 5:30

Hey. I am seeing so many families here being torn apart because there are grudges or mis understanding between sibings and parents and such. I hope that we as a family can always be forgivng and understanding. Forgivness will bring us together and keep us together in christ. I hope that we never are seperated for some small grudge. Let us forgive one another so that we can be a united eternal family.

I love you all.
I jump jumprope every morning and lara hears me so one day we were outside  jumping rope together (obisouly in the morning i don’t jump
rope in a skirt).
11-30-15 Dots11-30-15 Hermanas taking selfies
11-30-15 Jump Roping with neighbor girl
11-30-15 Member girl painted this murial11-30-15 Note
11-30-15 Pumpkin Pie
11-30-15 Thanksgiving in Argentina
Thanksgiving in Argentina

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