Week 54 – November 9, 2015- He makes us clean

We have a baptism this coming week with SAYI!! She is a daughter of a less active!

Not much to say this week other than we have been working with Sayi. She is 9 and will be baptized this saturday on her 10th birthday. Pray for her!
Fabian’s family came to church on sunday! He didn’t get there but his whole family was there! They seemed a bit tired but I was so fillled with warm fuzzies when I saw them come in!
We had a sort of a slap in the face experience this week but thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ we are clean and made new. We are working on being better and verifying and just being better all around. I am so happy to have the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. I know that we can be better every day as we repent with real intent and strive to be better.
He makes us clean. Let Him make you better.
I can’t belive my older sister Mindy got hitched! I was there in form of a cardboard cut out! I hope you all enjoyed it! 

I love being a missionary and like my friend Kenzie says, I hate how fast the time flies. But I know the Lord has his timing. The mission life is the best life.
What I learned about God this week: I learned that when we have godly sorrow we can truly repent. When we ask for orgiveness to our Father in Heaven He will give it to us.
Thank you for all the support and prayers! Keep praying for the investigators and less actives.
I’ll see you soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
11-7-15 Ate a chicken cooked in a plastic bag
The chicken cooked in a bag tasted SOOOOOO Good. This is a less active family.
11-7-15 Cultlra Co and Big Jesus
Large Jesus Statue in Cultra Co
11-7-15 Emptying the Baptismal Font one bucket at time
Emptying baptismal font one bucket at a time.
11-7-15 Helping the Elders to empty the font
Elders helped empty font too.
11-7-15 Mission Accomplished
Mission accomplished:  It smelled like fish until we sterilized it with a cleaning solution.11-7-15 Sayi coming out of the baptismal font.
Sayi coming out of font, after her baptism.
11-7-15 Happy Sayi after her baptism
Sayi was baptized on her 10th birthday:)
11-7-15 Sayi's turtle
Sayi’s pet turtle.
11-7-15 Solid Member in our branch. Helped celebrate her daughter's  birthday
Celebrating a birthday for this lady’s daughter.
11-7-15 weeding
Argentine peope love it when we help them Weed.
11-7-15 Soccer Anyone
Soccer Anyone?

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