Week 53 -November 2, 2015 – God Protects His children

Hey howdy hi I want to be a missionary forever!!

This week was great! We had transfer calls and  Hermana Gonzales and I are going to be staying together here in Cutral Co for another 6 weeks! We are excited to get buckled down and do all the dirty work!
We had exchanges this week and the Hermana De Souza from Brasil was with me in my area. We ended up putting together two baptismal dates and finding two new investigators! So great! We were so happy and sooo tired at the end of the day! I was so happy to feel tired by the end of the week. At church we had about 76 people there! that is almost 10 more than last week! There were a few investigators and a bunch of menos activos(less actives)! A girl walked into our principles of the gospel class and at the end of the class we asked her who she was and she said that she got baptized about 10 years ago and stopped going to church but that day she just felt the need to come! MIRACLE! We were so excited to get to know her!
On Sunday morning we received a phone call from a member that lives literally across the street from us and she had a frantic voice and was weeping a little bit. We asked what had happened  and she told us that her daughter’s house (right behind her house) caught fire Saturday night and that her grandkid (who has 5 months) got burned on his arms and is in the hospital in Neuquen. We went to her house in the afternoon to help organize the clothing (what was savable and what was not). The little house is just destroyed. They were very lucky and blessed to not have lost any one. So pray for here family! Her name is Alejandra! She kept telling us how grateful she was for her Padre Celestial(Heavenly Father) for having saved her and her family.
Please pray for: Fabian, The Rama Family, The Inostroza Family, Tita, Sayit (going to be baptized on the 14th), and Natalia (going to be baptized the last weekend of November).
What I learned about God this week: I learned that God has His plan and that I need to make sure that my plan becomes His plan not that His plan becomes mine. He knows what is best.
I was reading about Jacob in the Book of Mormon and was greatly moved by his 2 day sermon on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I invite you all to read it. As we come closer the the Atonement of our Lord and Savior we come to know his love for us and by knowing of the love he has for us we will in turn love all those around us because we are imperfect and yet he loves us unconditionally.
Forgive everyone. No one owes you anything.
I love you all,
Hermana Janessa Houston
11-2-15 Bishop's kids, Sarah and Zachariah
The Bishop’s kids:  Sariah and Zacharias
11-2-15 Getting ready for talent show at the Church
Getting ready for the talent show.
11-2-15 Hermanos and Hermanas before the talent show
We are almost ready
11-2-15 Talent Show is ready to begin
Talent show is ready to begin
11-2-15 The Youth are so great
The Youth are so Great!!

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