Week 52 – October 26, 2015 – One YEAR mark

Wow! hahah thanks so much mom i love you so much!  my comp doesn’t have any reserve money and she is struggling a bit so i have been using the money to help her have the food she needs and such. But i will go buy something or celebrate in some way haha. Thanks so much mom! I am happy to hear about the service Kimmie is doing with school. so awesome! I am happy to hear all about the grandmas. i wrote them letters but i have yet to send them. I am gettin to that. the spanish is great! I CAN SPEAK SPANISH!!! WOOHOO!! The weirdest thing i ahve eaten was probably the blood sausages that they eat here… (puke). i also have eaten a freshly slaughtered pig that still had pig hairs on it.. so thats fun. I have found that i don’t like eating.. I AM NOT ANOREXIC. i mean that i would rather be doing something else. all the food has become one flavor for me. my comp is going to make some peruvian food this week to try it out. i made brownies this week to take to our alquiler(don’t remember in english). it was a slow week but i am grateful for the sacrament.

OUR NAYBUR HAS A VIOLIN AND I GOT TO PLAY IT FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS!! oh my gosh one year was too long! blessings! the violin is great!!!! (i played it for two hours because on sunday we had to stay in our pensions because there were elections for the new president of argentina and it was dangerousto go out….soo we had to occupy our time with something).

10-26-15 It was a treat to play this violin for 2 hours

We made home made tortillas for the tacos we ate with Sami. She is aweosme! and she knows english! The youth of the church are the best!

10-26-15 Homemade tortillias for tacos with Sami - she knows english - love the youth

Here is the famous hermana Tita! She is a retired 5th grade teacher and she is a less active whom with we are working. She is so giving and just teaches us how to sew and knit and stuff. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I truly have gained the love for the lady

Oh my goodness the less active Tita gained a testimony of Joseph Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!


10-26-15 Hermana Tita - retired 5th grade teacher. She is inactive but responding to our visits and love.

HOW AMAZING IS THAT! We taught the restauration to her and left her a book of mormon to read and when we returned she told us that the Book of Mormon is answering all of her doubts (and she had only read the introduccion and the witnesses!!! miracles people). We asked her if she had gained a testimony and she said yes! boom snap clap kaboom! happiness! Thank you for your prayers for her! Keep praying! She is now learning about the plan of happiness.
It seems that whenever we have a lot of success Satan always tries to interfere. He makes the people to busy to talk to us he cancels visit and he just plays his games. He played a lot this week and we didn’t see much success as far as Fabian and his family. We even able to see them once this week and they didn’t come to church either. But we are going to go hard this week and be at their house every day.
On Monday we shared the Restauration with the Inostroza Family, members. The spirit was so strong in there and when we invited them to invite a friend over to hear the message of the gopsel they accepted within seconds. so amazing. The spirit testifies! He is the teacher!
On the 22nd we were about to say our companionship pray to go to bed and the phone rang. It was the assistants to the president. I answered and what do you know all of a sudden I was in a conference call with all of the sister missionaries that came to the mission at the same time as me. Hermana Van Boerum, Hermana Taylor, Eppley, Bailey, Packard, Paris. We all chatted for about 10 minutes and wished ourselves a hapy year mark. We got a good laugh out of it. It was something small but it was a tender mercy of the Lord to be able to converse with those lovely ladies that are just rocking it out in the field. I also got to talk to the Hermana Larson on Sunday. She is just a doll and is still killing it down in Esquel.
This week I learned about God that he is pleased with virtue. I know that he wants us all to have virtue especially in this world today. Let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly.
I love you all and thank you for your prayers of strength. They are felt.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
10-26-15 Banana Bread - No Recipe
Banana Bread
10-26-15 Famous Soccer Player from Argentina
Famous Soccer Player from Argentina
10-26-15 Hermana Hellstern wearing hats from Argentina
Hats with Hermana Helstrom
10-26-15 My District in the  MTC one year ago
My District from one year ago
10-26-15 My Peeps one year ago
My Peeps from one year ago – MTC
10-26-15 The fattest dog I have ever seen
Fattest Dog I’ve ever seen.
10-26-15 The road to Fili Dei
Road to Feli Dei

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