Week 51 – October 19, 2015 – Charity

So you know how usually mothers have a rough time remember what names her children have when she gets a bit angry? “Jord! Min! Thay! WHAT IS YOUR NAME??” And then they just end up a little more angry or they laugh it out and the child is saved? Bueno. My comp also does the same thing. We will be teaching a lesson and she goes to talk directly to someone and calls them by a completely different name. Fausto, Fabian, Facundo… este…..

We have been enjoying. I often tell her, “cualquier cosa sale de su boca hermana gonzales”. But don’t worry we sit giggling to ourselves about it quite often.
We are working so much with part member families! We went on monday to the Family Rama (Ramon, Mirta, Fabian, Claudia, Dana). All of them are members except Fabian (18 years old) and Dana (6 years old). We taught the Restauration because they are less active and we are helping them feel the spirit. As we ended the lesson we asked them if there was anything we could do to help them and Fabian spoke up and said “yeah, if you guys could teach me it all from the beginnig so i can know of these things…” I listened and let it pass like nothing.. (I am super soft serving it)
My heart leaped with joy!! Of course we said yes we would love to! So please pray for the Family Rama, especially Fabian! He said he accepts baptism as he learns more! We are soo stoked!
Tita Parra is a less active that is really really less active but she is the most awesome soul. She wants to come back to the church and be able to stay there with a preisthood holder. Pray for her!
Pray for the family Valenzuela. We haven’t been able to see them but the dad, Jose, is our investigator!
We have a zone goal of 8 baptisms on the 31st of October! We are searching and inviting the people to come unto Christ!
I studied Charity and Amor a lot this week. God taught me that all of our actions need to be out of love for the people we are serving. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Just like the hymn says:
As I have loved you
love one another
This new commandment
Love one Another
By this shall men know
ye are my disciples
If ye have loved one to another.
Let us love our projimo.
Hurrah for Israel,
Hermana Janessa Houston
10-19-15 Desert of Cultra Co10-19-15 More Desert
10-19-15 So fun to walk on these dirt streets

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