Week 49 – October 5, 2015

We’re on in three… two…. *one*(in mouthing of course).

Welcome, folks, to the … what is this show called??.. oh yeah.. Welcome, folks! to the miracles of the atonement show!!
Hey. I just had to shake it up so I wasn’t soft serving it to much ya know?
This week we saw miracles that were under cover. At the end of each week we do ‘datos’ where we count up numbers to report to the District Leader. We began counted and realized we had recieved 2 new investigators and seven referrals!!! That is so good, folks. We had a pretty solid week and we got some things organized as far as the pension goes!
We got to do service this week. I LOVE SERVICE!
I have been seeing lately that the people don’t want to accept the covenant of being baptized because they are scared of falling short or of not being able to keep the covenant they make. As they have told me that I have learned to tell them of the companionship of the Holy Ghost and the grace of God. With Christ help and mercy and grace it is possible.
So conference was okay… *soft serving it* HOLY SMOKES ALL OF MY QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED. The Lord is good and merciful folks! I have recieved answered through living day prophets and apostles that recieved the revelation straight from heaven. 1 Nefi 19:24. I hope you all take the opportunity to listen again to the messages of God’s servants. I promise you that you will recieve the answer that you need.
I learned a lot about God this week through scripture study: I was reading about how to keep the sabbath day holy. I was reading The teachings of Brigham Young and John Taylor about it and they give some very strong and direct counsels. We are only to do what uplifts us and helps us think of the Savior on the Sabbath Day of Sunday. In the Bible and the Book of Mormon we read that the Sabbath Day was made for man. Let us keep this gift holy that was given to us from God.
I love you all! Pray for Ana and Tamara Padilla, The Parra Family, Mirta and her family! They need all the prayers they can get!
I know this gospel is true and I know that God has restored His gospel again on the earth and that we have prophets and apostles to guide us and direct us with the authority of God.
I love you all and God even loves you more!
Hermana Janessa Houston

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