Week 48 – September 28, 2015 – Go Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching

Heyhowdyhihellohowsitrollinholanihau folks!!!!

Cutral Co is a little less hilly than Esquel… jus a lil´. But hey! No worries! My area is about the size of two esquels put together. We do a lot of walking and I am actually so happy for that because I love being outside in the now SPRING weather! Sometimes there are winds so strong here that we have to stay inside the pension. Also electric storms. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN HERE EH???
I met a lot of members and less actives this week. There is a member here named Hermana Mirella Jaki. I love her. We had a short noche de hogar with her hoping that her husband would particpate because he isn’t a member but he wasn’t to interested… albedrio… But we watched the “Because He lives” video and then just shared our testimonies with each other. The hermana Mirella started baring her testimony and instantly the spirit came. She told us that she has such a strong testimony of Christ because he made is possible for her to be able to, one day, communicate with her daughter. Her daughter’s name is Melanie and she has autism. She doesn’t communicate. She speaks only by saying the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘azul’. The hermana Mirella started crying and told us how happy she is that there is a plan that will allow her to ask her daughter what she actually thinks and have her actually answer her. It touched me so much.
I had been studying psychology before the mission to be able to with youth who have autism due to a touching experience I had when I was permitted to babysit a young autistic boy. I am so grateful for the perfect design of God and how he has protected these valient soldiers, those who have austism, with autism. I am so grateful to be here.
What I learned about God: In 2 Nefi I learned that God chastized his children for the wickedness of them and to help them remember him and come unto him. It was something I had never really thought of before.
We see the little miracles everyday. Go visiting and home teaching! Talk to your neighbors! Help them feel good and fortified. Help them come unto the Lord.
I love you all. I know i say that every week but it is true. I love you all! Every single one of you, my brothers and sisters.
Asombro me da el amor que me da Jesus.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
9-28-15  Hermana Ema Moncada (the queen of esquel, so funny and just great)
Saying goodbye to the Queen of Esquel – Ema Moncada – from Esquel.
9-28-15 Arturo, Grecia and Elvira. Soooo beautiful.
Saying goodbye to Altura, Garcia and Elvira. So Beautiful. – from Esquel
9-28-15 Danitxa. Kimmie she got your letter!! I love her and almost cried when i had to leave here. I love the youth.
Danika,  a youth.  She recieved Kimberly’s letter.  In Esquel.  Saying goodbye.
9-28-15 Gaby Quintana. She is 22 and is sooo great. Such a sweet soul! I am taller than everyone here so i look like a tallish giant in all of these fotos.
The Youth here are SO GREAT. Gabby Quintana – age 22  Esquel, saying goodbye.
9-28-15 Me and Hermana Gonzales today
Hermana Gonzales – From Peru
9-28-15 My new comp Hermana Gonzalez
My New Companion Hermana Gonzales
9-28-15 Sofia Vergara came up to me after sacrament meeting crying. The cutest little thing. She just broke my little heart.
Sofia Grefara cried after Sacrament Meeting.  When we said goodbye, she told me that she didn’t get to draw me a picture.  I love her.
9-28-15 The famous Hermano y Hermana Carmona! THE BEST!!
Hermano and Hermana Carmano.  The BEST.  I’ll miss them.
9-28-15 The Salazar family.. The president of our branch ( green shirt). His wife Patricia and then the Hermana Salazar in the pink holding Catalina the baby and her son Brahndon. I LOVE THEM.
Branch President Salazar in green shirt.  His wife Patricia. Catalina is the baby.  Brandon their son, and Sophia. I will miss them and the people in Esquel, Argentina.

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