Week 46 – September 14, 2015 – The Rock of Christ

Welp! Do you like mangos? …. I don’t ever know how to change  up the beginning of my emails… Perdón.

HOWDY folks!!!! I pray that everyone is doing soo great and that you all are seeing the little blessing every day! Including your trials!
Last monday we ended the P-day by contacted some references we had recieved. We ended up at this house of a contact we did in the street, her name is Patricia. She was soo nice when we contacted her and it was the first contact in my whole mission where I knew that she felt the spirit. We were knocking her house, she lives behind a wooded gate behind a vet and then back some (la cosa mas difícil), and we saw some movement in the bushes and de repente.. SHE ATTENDED US! I’m not sure if that frase makes sense in Ingles but she came out and let us in! She told us she had been thinking about the contact and about our church and that she has wanted to go!
We began teaching her the Restauration. We had been practicing just saying things simply, and sincerely. We gave the lesson in about 20 minutes and at the end we asked what she thought of Joseph Smith and she said, “The way you said it and what I felt, I think it is true what happened to him.”
Folks, let me just tell you that the spirit was so present in that lesson and she is so prepared by the Lord. She is so kind and unique. Something my dad told me last week that really influinzed how I worked this week was this:
There are no kings, murderers, or politicians….only children of God whom he loves.  We must learn to love as He does.
I truly believe that.
This week was a little slow as far as work because I got really really sick on wednesday and thursday and friday. But I am FEELING GREAT!!! I feel so much better!
I learned about God this week from the scriptures that we need to be edified on the rock of Christ. All happiness that comes from the world is temporary happiness. If someone from the world says they are happy it is only for a time. But when we edify ourselves on Christ we can have a true and real happiness that will last us literally and truly forever. FOREVER. Happiness and love from a Heavenly King? Nothing sounds so satisfying to me.
Is it all worth it? the obedience? the work?.. YES! It is. That happiness and love is worth all that we are doing daily. Let’s be edified upon or Savior.
I love all you beautiful people and your souls!!!
Hermana Janessa Houston
9-14-15 Feeling Sick
9-14-15 Main Street in Esquel, Argentina9-14-15 Painting and Lovin it
9-14-15 Service makes us Happy
9-14-15 Spring has Sprung in Esquel
9-14-15 Time for a Trim

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