Week 44 – Broken Things and Angels

HellllllOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo Everybody!

What a roller coaster this week has been. First of all, Shout out to Hannah Andersen, just cuz.
On Tuesday we had a lesson with a member with a new investigator named Cecilia. She is DE DIEZ! She attended our church when she was little and her mom is a baptized member that is now inactive and lives in another city. She is such a gem and she asked Hermana Carmona.. “Why didn’t I ever get baptized?” It seriously was a pivital moment! Pray for her and that she gets married and baptized!
I had the chance to do intercambios with the Hermana Hellstern from Logan Utah. She is great. I learned a lot from her. I am learning so much about how I can give more power to God as I think about Him more and keep Him in my thoughts. I am literally seeing the exact blessing that is prayed for in the sacrament prayers come to pass! As we always remember Him, we WILL have his spirit to be with us. I am learning to trust so much more in the promises that are in the scriptures. I used to always think, “oh cool a promise… keep reading” but now I can read the promises that the prophets of God gave us and really feel their affect in my life today, thousands of years later!
What I learned about God this week: I learned that God works and uses broken things to do His greatest work. He uses broken people and broken hearts to bring other people unto His vineyard. I also learned that He uses people or neighbors or other missionaries as angels in the lives of others. This week I had a very humbling experience and I found an angel in my life.
I know that God humbles us to make us better. He cuts us down so that we are strong.
I was a little down hearted a little while back and I read this scripture Helemán 10:4 and 5. It gave me so much comfort.
Not much more to say this week.
I love the Lord and I love being His servant. I love this gospel. I know that we are literal children of a living and loving Heavenly King.
We are royalty. And knowing that you are royalty, how are you going to change yourself for the better, to represent your Father?
Well. We had a baptism in the ward this week. Fernando, the one in white. It is so cool to see youth get baptized 🙂

Also all of you need to read the song “Where Can I Turn for Peace”.  It is so good!
I love you all!!!
Hermana Janessa Houston
8-31-15 Fernando got Baptized

8-31-15 Fernando got Baptized

8-31-15 Youth in Argentina

8-31-15 Youth in Argentina

8-31-15 Laundry and Boots

8-31-15 Laundry and Boots

8-31-15 Sweaters

8-31-15 Ugly Sweaters that we bought at a grocery store.

8-31-15 Ugly Sweaters that we bought at a grocery store.


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