Hey howdy holy smokes am I tired….

But I am doing so GRAND!!
This week has been the miracle of my mission. I have been humbled to repentance and I am trying so hard to get the work done because there is such an urgency for the Lord´s work. I am so happy to be able to be in this work right here right now. At the beginning of last week we had zero baptismal dates. This week we have more than 40 baptismal dates in the zone. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT THE LORD IS SO GOOD TO HIS SERVANTS.
As far as the Birthday, I am happy to report that my Mom had quite a splendid birthday and I am so grateful for that. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a good day for her! Here I hardly told anyone about it but we had fun. Hna Larson told every single person we came in contact with that it was my birthday. She is a saint. We shared some chocolate with Rita to celebrate and then Hna Salazar, the one you met in skype, invited us up to help Andrea, her daughter, with English. We got there and they had made a white cake with pineapple inside and dulce de leche on the outside with cereal sprinkles. It was lovely. I felt loved and happy. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and prayers. I really do feel the power of them.
We had a zone training and we talked about faith and work and all sorts of things that I honestly don’t remember because the spirit was so strong, that I just wanted to go and get on my knees and repent for the time I have wasted and then stand up and get outside and work. We invited more than 60 people to baptism this week. We are seriously seeing miracles and the power of our calling. As missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we are called and given power from on high to preach this gospel and I am so sad to say that I am just now accessing it. This great power of faith and love and authority and priesthood. I invite all of you to listen to the talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland “Do you love me”, where he talks about Peter. Then I invite you all to go and read about the miracles Peter wrought about after he was truly converted unto the Lord. It is amazing and I can promise every single one of you that you will feel the power and spirit of the missionary work and pressing forward and urgency of what the Lord is doing.
I feel so humbled and grateful.
I also feel so horrible for having wasted so much time being selfish here in the mission. I am trying my best to help the people here know that they can’t wait.
There is no time.
TODAY is the day that we need to get ourselves in line with God and work our little tails off so that all the gentiles and fallen away sons and daughters of God know.. That He lives. And that there is a way to get back to Him. That there is a way to feel free of our sins and be completely clean again. And that there is something more.
 I am seeing so many changes in the mission. In the zones. In the districts. In the Branches and wards.. And I am seeing a change in me. My Lord and Savior is changing me through His grace and atoning sacrifice.
“He aquí, soy discípulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por él para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida eterna.” 3 Nefi 5:13. We need to choose today to be disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by loving him and keeping his commandments and sharing his love with every single child of God.
Let’s work in his vineyard.
Hermana Janessa Houston
8-20-15 Birthday Cake

8-20-15 Birthday Cake

8-20-15 La Hermana Haro made my Birthday Cake

8-20-15 La Hermana Haro made my Birthday Cake

8-20-15 Present from Hermana Larson

8-20-15 Present from Hermana Larson

8-24-15 Baptism - Euguina ?

8-24-15 Baptism – Euguina ?


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