Week 41 – Members are Key to the Work – August 10th, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,
August 20th is Janessa’s 20th Birthday.  I invite all who can to send Janessa a little Birthday Wish this week.  Her e-mail is janessa.houston@myldsmail.net.  Her P-Day is on Monday.   Thank You for your love and support.  I know she  and we appreciate all your love and prayers.     Miriam

Hey howdy hi to one and all and all the lovely folks that actually read these letters!!!

I am in a considerable good mood today. So that’s a plus! This week we have been working so much with members. And what miracles we have seen! We had two less active members walk together to church!!!! They are supporting each other in their reactivation. Members are a key to the church!!!! Go and help the people come to know the truth and return to know it!
We haven’t had much contact with our investigators this week. It kind of gets you down when they text you or call you telling you they won’t be there or when you show up to an empty house.. or a full house but no one comes out.  We had a goal of 19 baptism for this last transfer that we just ended, as a zone. We didn’t complete it. But we are keeping our heads high and our shoulders squared on our goals.
On Tuesday we went to a members house to see if she could come with us to some referrals she had given us. She came and guess what?? We entered into the house of this cute little old couple. Juan and Margarite se llaman. They are the absolute cutest things. He, Juan, can’t hear so good but he tries. He loves the things of the Lord. Margarita knows her bible very well and has a lot of faith in the Lord. She was telling us that she hasn’t like many churches because they are twisting what the bible says and changing how it was. She believes that we should be preaching and teaching and living exactly how the Savior preached taught and lived when He was on the earth. She is SO ready to hear the gospel. She has been to our meetings a lot of times and she loves them because they are orderly (God is a god of order), and because they are simple and reverent. (FIST PUMP). Pray for them and that they will have time and open hearts and understanding. As well as pray for Hermana Larson and I that we may be able to relay the message of the Restored Gospel to them in a simple way!
When I first started my mission they got rid of the Key Indicators in our mission. They were trying something out. They wanted us to focus more on the people and less on the numbers. With the mission president change we are seeing big changes. We now are using Key Indicators and it is different. I haven’t ever worked with them but let me tell you. THEY ARE THE BEST! We are setting more goals and we are seeing MIRACLES! Seriously, we are now using more and more members, aunque no hay muchos, to befriend the investigators and the less actives. We are seeing progression in the work and on top of that we are seeing progression in ourselves.
Speaking of companions.. Hermana Larson and I are going to be companions for another transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have been companions for 4 and 1/2 months. They isn’t usual but hey! That is okay! We are PUMPED and ready to set goals and make plans and see miracles. 🙂
On Saturday, we were studying and practicing teaching the people how they will receive their answers to their prayers. the spirit and personal revelation and prayer and such. We began to explain the role that prayer and the spirit play in our conversion. We opened up to Moroni 7:12 and read the first sentence. My comp then asked the investigator “After reading this verse.. where does our message come from?” The spirit came and filled our souls. I hadn’t felt the spirit that strong in a really long time. AND THIS WAS ONLY IN A PRACTICE. Geez la weez it was amazing. It was confirmed to me, again, that this Church is true. Without a doubt.
This message comes from God and He is calling us home. We are His children and He loves us. He restored His church on the earth through Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is true and I know that God loves you.

What I learned about God this week: I learned that God works through His people. He manifests His work through His children here on the earth. He is our guide and we can be instruments in His hands if we let His will be done.
Be worthy so that in the moment when God needs you, He will be able to trust you with His sheep.
I love you all and I love the mission. I am happy.
Hermana Janessa Houston

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