Week 40 – SHEILA – August 3rd, 2015

We have this investigator who … bueno, its a family. Their names are Mariela, Cesar, Nicole and their other daughter.. I always forget her name…. I am horrible! We went to their house last night and shared with them a message. We were discussing the Book of Mormon and how it comes from the Americas. and then Hermana Larson pulls out this question out of the heaven box, meaning it was sent from heaven because it opened up doors. She asked them “What do you wish for for your family?” They sat and thought for a bit and then they answered the normal. “We want happiness for kids. and health and safety.” The mom, Mariela, said something that caught my attentions. Take into thought that she is only 26 years old. But she said, “I hope everything for my girls because my life is already gone and I already lived”. I paused and then testified to them that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them and wants them to be happy and healthy and safe. I also told them that their lives are not done with or gone but they their is a divine plan for them from the King of the Universe, even God our Father in Heaven. They are solid! Keep them in your prayers!!
We are seeing blessings of being obedient and diligent!
We taught the lesson to the whole branch this week in Sunday School. me and Hermana Larson. It was great. We talked about how the book of mormon is the medicine for this sick world!! The spirit was there!
So.. You all know that one mountain I always send pictures of? The one that is long and sometimes has snow on it and sometimes not.. The big big one..
We started climbing and I’m pretty sure we didn’t know we were getting ourselves into. We literally hiked straight up the face of this mountain. I had to stop and breath about every 3 steps buts its cool. We stopped about half way up and enjoyed the view. We were surrounded by clouds and sun and snow and beauty. Wow. It was the best lunch I have had in a long time. (I was specially chosen to be the back pack carrier.. Felt honored. *fist pump*). We started back up after lunch and just climbed and climbed. It seemed that the peak of the mountain was farther and farther away. We got to a part where we were hiking side ways and on the left side of us was just a shear cliff. about a 88 degree incline. I think I discovered I have a fear of falling. I don’t have a fear of heights but falling could definitely be a fear. It’s cool. It was so hard and my legs definitely were feeling it this week. That could have also been because I was the special backpack holder. Blessed. Once we got to the top… I can’t even explain to you all what it was like. After something so hard.. to see the prize and breath in the fresh air of a beatiful view was amazing.
I stood there thinking about how at some points during the hike I wanted to quit. and how at that certain point I was afraid of falling. I began thinking about how this life is just tough. And sometimes we are doing good and we have fear of falling down into past sins or habits but we must keep going and we must keep walking even though the backpack on our back feels like billions of pounds and our legs just don’t feel like they can go on.
We enjoyed the view and the wind for about 10 minutes. We sang a few songs at the top and then we began the descent. Going down was fun. Just imagine 6 white people running down the face of a mountain in 4 feet of snow. Rolling, running, tripping. jumping. falling. Oh my land. It was the funniest thing. We got to the bottom and could hardly belive what we had just done. From the bottom the mountain looked monstrous but we could say that we did it and we conquered Sheila. šŸ™‚
Never stop. Keep climbing. Support each other. Don’t be afraid of moving forward. Have faith. and Always. Always. Have Fun.
What I learned about God this week: He is in every detail of our lives. He is always there. The only reason we don’t see Him is because we haven’t been looking for him.
Keep your head up,folks! The world is beautiful and you all are such beautiful people and the Lord loves you. Faith is pointed toward the future!!!
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
8-3-15 Conquered Mount Sheila

8-3-15 Conquered Mount Sheila

8-3-15 My Mission Peeps

8-3-15 My Mission Peeps

8-3-15 On top of the World

8-3-15 On top of the World

8-3-15  Esquel looks tiny from up here.

8-3-15 Esquel looks tiny from up here.

8-3-15 Shredded Shoes

8-3-15 Shredded Shoes


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