Week 39 – Cultural Activity – Beat Box – 9 Month Mark

I probably could say that this week was one of the absolute best weeks of the time I have been here so far.
  • We found 2 new investigators.
  • We ate healthy
  • We are consistently reading the book of Mormon with this less active and she is understanding
  • Hermana Larson decided that she needs a “sweater for her legs” because  it gets a bit chilly in the pension that was a hysterical moment.
  • We participated in a FHE with a less active family in which the mom had planned the whole thing and it went very well.
  • Rita helped us teach a lesson to a new investigator that came to her house and she isn’t even a member yet! She knows so much and she is just the absolute best
  • We had a big dinner with the missionaries and the Hermana Salazar in her house. Meat cooked over a fire! Amazing! and the Hermana Salazar brought a non member.
  • We visited Elvira (new convert) and helped make her happy with videos from the church.
  • We were blessed with the presence of our Mission president and a zone conference that was very spiritual.
  • We ate home made pizza. The bomb.
  • We have the cutest little family as investigators.
  • We had a missionary jam session with a guitar that Elder Da Silva has. We sang hymns and such. So much fun!
  • A member drove us home from the store
  • A less active who hasn’t come to church in months came to church!!!
  • I felt the spirit so strongly in Sacrament Meeting
  • We had a very effective ward council.
Wow. Quite a list. I just want to let you all  know that Rita was not baptized this Saturday. Her boyfriend doesn’t  want to get married because he thinks he is too old. And she doesn’t want to kick him out because they get along really well. So she didn’t arrive to baptism but she is so strong. We went to teach her the other day and her neighbor walked in, Maxi, and she told him to sit down and read with us. And he did. The spirit was so strong and she helped us teach him that he is a child of God and he is important to God. The spirit was just burning up the room.
RITA IS SO AWESOME! Keep praying for her! We are looking for a way to get her baptized.
This Saturday we had an activity. A culture activity. We made flags and banners and set up tables and chairs and had families prepare certain things. It was the three branches all together. SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP. You can see just few of them in the pictures I got.
The families and people shared cultural things of each country. For example: Argentina, Wales, Chile, U.S.A., and a few others. And people brought food to share from the different places and everything. People sang music and played instruments and we even had a girl dance an original tango from Argentina. It was fantastic!! All of us white kids from America, got together and sang,  “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. It was fun and at the end of the song I took the mic and just beat boxed us out. This young kid in the other branch came up and took the microphone and challenged me to a beatbox battle….. what???? He started out and oh my goodness he is soooo good. Props to  him!! Then he gave the mic to me and all the girls were yelling things like “Esa! por las mujers! Vamanos!” hehe It was so much pressure because I haven’t beat boxed in so long. I beat boxed and…
I won the beat box battle.
It was hysterical because now at church all the little kids call me “Hermana Rap” or “Hermana Beatbox” hahaha. But it was fun and it got the wards happy and it helped all the investigators and people to see that we are just normal people. Mormons aren’t people who just live in a box. We are normal and we have weird likes and talents and we are cool. haha 🙂
What I learned about God this week: I  learned that he put promises in the scriptures for us. Not only for the person over there but for me and for you. And if we do our part we can have faith in those promises. Because God is God and He cannot lie. Therefore he will always keep his promises.
I love you all.Thank you for your support and love.
Someone needs to invent a snuggy type thing for the legs. Hermana Larson would appreciate that. If you hear anything. Let me know.

These three pictures are pictures from the INSANELY AWESOME ACTIVITY WE HAD ON SATURDAY NIGHT! So many people came and it was seriously the best thing that has happened here in a long time 🙂

7-27-15 Cultural Activity with 3 branches

7-27-15 Cultural Activity with 3 branches

7-27-15  Missionaries in Esquel

7-27-15 Missionaries in Esquel

7-27-15 Argentine Dancers, The Tango

7-27-15 Argentine Dancers, The Tango

7-27-15 Barbecue with the Missionaries.

7-27-15 Barbecue with the Missionaries.

7-27-15 Delicious Meal with some members

7-27-15 Delicious Meal with some members

7-27-15 Rolls were a success.  Yummmm

7-27-15 Rolls were a success. Yummmm

7-27-15  Burned Candle signifies my half way mark.  July 22nd was the day.

7-27-15 Burned Candle signifies my half way mark. July 22nd was the day.


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