Week 38 – Be Clean

Hola! Cómo les va?

Funny facts of this week: We were studying idioma in the pension on Friday. We were going over geographical and plant like terms. I asked la Hermana Larson how to say flower and she said fleur… I corrected  her and said no it is flor. She pauses. thinks. and then says. oh wait.. that’s french… haha. We both bursted out laughing. 🙂 She took french in high school so sometimes she gets little things mixed up hahaha.

This week went by like a bullet train. So fast. We have been focusing so much in supporting the members and getting them excited about the Gospel. We had two FHEs this week. On Tuesday we had one with the familia Quintana. We shared a story from Bruce McConkie about the spirit and then we asked if any of them had experiences. Gaby the daughter shared an experience she had with her brother who has epilepsy and how she was prompted to go see him and she found him having and epileptic attack. The dad, el Hermana Quintana,  is just a solid man. He is almost fully blind but can see enough to do some things. He shared a powerful testimony. Then his wife spoke up. He is the most less active of the family and she shared an experience of a few years ago. Her son had just returned home from being away and it was a really hard time for them. She was, at that time, the nursery teacher, and there was only one little girl in there named Lucia. One Sunday she was having a particularly hard day and  this little girl just came right up to her and said, ‘Don’t worry. Everything will turn out okay. I love you. It will be okay’. And then the child continued playing. She said that she has never felt so comforted by the spirit or by anyone. She testified to us that the spirit and comfort comes in different forms and shapes and that that day it came in the form of a little girl at the age of 3 telling her that it would be okay. The spirit is a comforter from heaven and he wishes for our happiness.
Yesterday in church I was listening to the talks being given and an Hermano got up and started speaking of the Day. He said that there are few places in these world where the spirit can make manifest. He said, in the home, in the family and in the sacrament meeting. He bore a powerful testimony that the Sacrament is the most sacred thing we do outside of the Temple and that we should leave the church building to go and prepare ourselves for the next Sunday. We should wake every morning and inquire of the Lord for protection and for guidance. We should pray to our Father over every piece of food that we eat. We should come home from work and read the writings of the Lord, namely the scriptures. Then we should cry to the Lord in fervent prayer of gracias for helping us get through the day and we should plead for forgiveness for what we could have done better. and then we get up in the morning the next day and begin preparing ourselves again for the Sabbath Day.
Before my mission I never understood the importance of why my parents always wanted to leave vacations after sacrament meeting. But now, being a messenger for God I have come to realize the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and the blessings that come,  thanks to the ordinances we keep CLEAN.
Let’s be clean.
I invite all of you to go and read the talk given by George Durrant called Number One Christian. It was a BYU speech given. It talks about being clean.
I learned this week that God is merciful and no matter how many times we sin or mess up or fall short.. He is there willing to forgive us. He will forgive us every time that we ask him with a sincere heart and real intent. We are governed by a loving and forgiving God. How grateful we should be!
I love you all! Thank you for the support. Thank you for your faith!
Make someone happy today!
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana  Janessa Houston
7-20-15 We be Snowed Upon

7-20-15 We be Snowed Upon

7-20-15 Can I Play in the Snow Please?

7-20-15 Can I Play in the Snow Please?

7-20-15 Esquel

7-20-15 Esquel


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