Week 37 – ANIMO

Hola todos! Cómo les va??? Espero que todo esté bien 🙂
This week was FULL of miracles and energy and fun! We had a pretty slow first few days as far as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday went… hmm. But then Friday we had our Zone Training and it got us all so pumped! There are different rules and different focuses in the mission now because we have a NEW PRESIDENTE!!!
Ladies and Gentleman of all ages and countries.. Please welcome… the one and only… PRESIDENTE CASARIEGOOOOOOOOOOOO and his lovely wife la HERMANA CASARIEGOOOOOOO (infinite applause). These two lovely folks are from Montevideo, Uruguay. They are so full of energy and so full of light. Presidente Casariego is 61 or around there and he has the energy of a 35 year old man who is in the best shape of his life. Those prime years ya know?.
On Saturday, we had a meeting with President Casariego and his wife just to get to know them. The meeting went so well and all of us 12 missionaries were so pumped and excited that we decided we were going to baptize someone that night. We all left in a whiz! The zone leaders took President and his wife to a lesson with a investigator and the other elders and hermanas were calling people like CRAZY MAD PEOPLE IT WAS AWESOME! Hermana Larson and I left and hiked about 25 miles up a mountain at a 90 degree angle to get to the house of Rita (the 5 year investigator). [don’t tell anyone but we actually called a taxi to get up there because we were running short on time… shhhh.] But we got there just the same. Full of excitement and ganas de bautizar! We decided while ‘climbing the mountain’ to share 1 Nefi 3:7. (everyone knows that scripture so I am not going to explain it). We got to her house and found Rita just frying up some tortas fritas (THEY ARE THE BEST TORTAS FRITAS IN ALL OF ESQUEL). We quickly said a prayer to invite the spirit more abundantly. It came and we shared the scripture and BOOM! We put a baptismal date for the 25th of July. SNAP GO GET THE KODAK! We left her house with so much excitement that we actually arrived early to our lunch. Wow. What we had just done is set a goal, made plans, acted on the plans and faith that we had just gained, and then we did all we could possible do.. And what happened. We saw a miracle. We put a fecha with la Hermana Rita. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! The only thing she needs to do is to get married. She even pays her tithing! Hermana Larson saw her even pay it this last Sunday.. yeah! Pray for her and her boyfriend that she is living with and that they will get hitched so she can receive the blessing of baptism that the Lord has waiting for her!

Cool thing that happened: We decided that we needed to get the members excited and siked up ya know?…so Elder Da Silva (the one with the guitar from Brazil), Elder Bailey (the one with the beanie from Oregon), Hermana Larson and I took a guitar to the Hermana Salazar’s house to sing hymns and just get her excited! IT WORKED! Music is a good way to bring the spirit and bear testimony.

Wanted to make a small shout out to Mckenna Wilson, Hannah Andersen, Melissa Eves, Taylor Cooney, Alena Nelson, Aubrey Adams, and ALSO  to all of the missionaries who are just getting home from there missions whom with I graduated. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL AND THINK OF YOU OFTEN!

What I learned about God this week: I learned that when we act on the faith we have and do all we possible can, when we put all of our strengths and thoughts and powers into doing what He has commanded us, God himself blesses us fully with by letting us see the miracles unfold before our eyes.
Act on your faith and become part of the miracles.
Hermana Houston
7-14-15 Missionary from Brazil playig a singing hymns

7-14-15  Hermano Silva from Brazil , playing and singing hymns.

7-14-15 Traveling to Conference to meet new Mission President and his wife

7-14-15 Traveling to Conference to meet new Mission President and his wife. Hermana Larson, Hermano Bailey, Hermano Silva and me.


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