Week 34 – Police

Wow. This week was an adventure..

First, I wish to share something funny that happened with you folks. Así que, in the morning we go street contacting as a mission. Sometimes the people don’t want to talk to us so we use this tactic of asking people where a random street is that usually is the street farthest out of the city. We stopped this lovely looking lady this one brisk morning and we asked her where this street was and she says, “yeah know, i’m not sure..*looks around*.. you can ask the policeman!” She begins running down the street flagging down this police car filled with about 4 cops.. que vergüenza… They stopped and she walked off.. leaving us to talk with these officials… We asked them where this street was and they told us and were actually quite kind and helpful. We thanked them for their service and help and then we walked as if going to that street..
Needless to say, I don’t think we will be using that tactic much anymore..
This week was amazing! We had 2 investigators and a couple less actives show up at church!

Mirian, who is the one who has a baptismal date was there, and oh boy was she just beaming with great glory and happiness to be there! I play the piano in sacrament meeting so I sit up front. When Mirian got to church she sat down and caught my eye contact and gave me one of the big 4-year-old-waving-to-her-dad-who-is-the-bishop waves hahahahaha. She was so happy and she is so intently trying to do her best and learn more! Pray for her please!

Also, Rita came to church! She is the investigator of 5 years. She s basically a member! She pays tithing and everything! Seriously! She just lacks the baptism part. She can’t get baptized yet because she lives with her marido and so we are working on that fact. She is the best and she actually feeds the missionaries! WHAT! She feeds us! As if a member she was! (dont know why i just spoke like yoda but it seems that that is what spanish does to you).
We found this new family! They are the cutest thing! Mariel and Cesar with their two little girls! One of their girls is about 7 and the other is 2. The terrible twos. She is seriously a tantrum but sooo much fun and the most precious thing!
Honestly, we are having so much fun here. We are seeing so much progression with the investigators.
This week I was studying patience. I was looking through the list of scriptures that Preach My Gospel gives and they were all about how patience is an attribute of Christ and such. Then I fell upon Alma 31:31. It talks about how we ask for patience instead of asking for the problems to be taken away. We must ask that he will bless us with patience to endure the trials and tribulations we face every day. And the promise is that when we ask, he will give. Ask.
This church and the head of it, even Jesus Christ, has changed my life and is continuing to change it. Being able to sit front seat on the atonement movie is the coolest experience. I love seeing how the Lord really can change us.
Thank you all for your prayers, emails and support! Life is good and the mission is better!
Smile, Be Happy and Spread the Light.
Todos ustedes son CAPOS!! Cuídense por favor!
6-22-15 Frost on Everything

6-22-15 Frost on Everything

6-22-15 Hermana Larson and Hermana Houston ready to go.

6-22-15 Hermana Larson and Hermana Houston ready to go.

6-22-15 Hermana Larson braving the cold in Esquel

6-22-15 Hermana Larson braving the cold in Esquel

6-22-15 Hermana Larson nodded off during study time

6-22-15 Hermana Larson nodded off during study time

6-22-15 Sunset


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