Week 31 – June 1st, 2015

Howdy, folks! Cómo les va!?

What a week!! We have seen miracle after miracle!
So on Monday we had this big ward activity for 25 de Mayo. We had this big potluck thing where they cooked what is called Locro. It basically is the best stew that was ever built on this planet. It was so amazing! yay! Feliz 25 de Mayo!
This week Hermana Larson and I got to know each other a lot better. We are hysterical… Friday was a day of miracles! We had our last interview with President and the Hermana Lovell because we are getting a new president in about 2 weeks. The conference and interviews were so filled with the spirit and I am going to miss President and Hermana Lovell so much. They are both so full  of the charity of God and I have never met a couple more devoted to their calling.
That Friday night we had a showing of “Meet the Mormons” and we invited anyone who would listen to us! But this is the miracle that happened: On Friday night we were out walking around inviting people to the movie at about 6:45. 15 minutes before the movie. We stopped a few people who wanted more to do with the bags of groceries they were holding than with the movie but non the less we contacted them and invited them. Then we turned the corner and a cute little 23 year old young lady was just a ganderin’ down the street. As she was walking by she said hola and we did to and then we stopped her and asked if she would like to go to the movie. She looked at the card. Then at us. Then at her phone to check the time. After about a 3 second wait she said, “bueno. Vamos?” my mind (whaaattttt?). We walked with her to the church and then we sat down and got to know her as we waited for the movie to start. She stayed for the whole movie and she told us that we absolutely loved it! She loves that it talked a lot about love and God. As we were leaving they hand out pamphlets and tarjetas and she took ALL THREE PAMPHLETS. She gave us her number and address and email and even her facebook, although we don’t use that now. She is the sweetest thing and i am so grateful that the lord let me see this miracle and be an instrument.

I am doing great and I love being a missionary.

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

I have learned this week that God really does show us miracles when we take our faith just a little step further!

RIP to Elder L. Tom Perry. What a great and lively man. He was one of the funniest men I have met. I am so grateful to have heard him speak and been blessed by his teachings. We will continue to be blessed by the words he has spoken.
“We are all the same when it comes to love for a spouse and for children.” -L. Tom Perry

6-1-15 Hermana Houston and Hermana Larson

6-1-15 Hermana Houston and Hermana Larson

6-1-15 Winter in Esquel

6-1-15 Winter in Esquel, Argentina

6-1-15 Plan of Salvation

6-1-15 Plan of Salvation


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