Week 28 – Skype with the Family

Well folks, sorry to say but i already told my family everything yesterday when we had the opportunity to skype and chit chat it up the wall. So this week I won’t be sending a long email.

What I learned about God this week is this: God loves every single person on this planet and He has created inventions and ways in which we can comunicate with him personally and with our families. I am so grateful for his knowledge of eternal families and how much that knowledge has blessed mine and my family’s life. I love the hope he gives me every single day.
Another thing that I learned this week is this: Once the missionary starts loving the people the spanish will come. The missionary was not called to speak perfect spanish, the missionary was called to help and love the people as the Lord and Savior would do if he were here, right here and right now.
Chins up, folks. The sky may be cloudy and the wind might be blowing but clouds are what bring the water and wind is what carries the bird’s song. Enjoy the here and now with your family because it won’t ever come again.
Like the turtle Kung Fu master says on Kung  Fu Panda: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today.. is a gift.. that is why it is called the present.”

5-11-15 Morning out front of our Pension

5-11-15 Morning out front of our Pension

5-11-15 Jump

5-11-15 Jump

5-11-15 Esquel at night

5-11-15 Esquel at night


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