Week 25 – April 21st, 2015

Firstly, I hope that is how you spell migrains… it doesn’t look right to me..migrains.. migranes.. migreins… bueno. no sé. haha

Hola Everyone!!! This week was crazy. on Wednesday we had intercambios with the Sister Leaders and that was the day when it was just a little bit chilly outside…. okay.. it was SO COLD. I was wearing three layers! So it was a tid bit nipply outside and so we would briskly walk to houses hoping people were home and then when they would let us in their house would be SO HOT! Hot, cold, hot, cold. We were constantly in and out of the cold but we survived. By the end of the night my head was just pounding. The heat inside the houses would make me feel queasy and like I was going to throw up. I liked being outside in the cold but then it made me cold. We ended intercambios as we were in the church and I noticed that I was shaking. We took a taxi to our pension and then we went to the kiosco by our house and got me some orange juice and then i layed in bed with a pan(just incase i threw up), a towel, orange juice, water, and a one pill of ibuprofen. I ended up falling asleep at about 9:20 for all the night. I woke up the next morning feeling much better. I decided that it was probably a migrain.. migrane… and dehydration. But all is well now! I am just fine and dandy and happier than a chicken with sunflower seeds! (yeah just made that up).
We don’t have many investigators but we have been working so much with the less actives. There are SO MANY here. We try to invite the members to go visit the less actives but it hasn’t been working to well so  on Sundays after church we go to visit all the people who didn’t come. GO VISIT THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T COME TO CHURCH. It helps them feel loved and it helps them feel missed and that they are important, which they are!! Instead of sitting down and watching tv or playing on the computer, get up and visit the people in  your ward who need it. A member dropped cane on the ward on Sunday because she talked about this and basically chastised everyone. But really, I just invite you all to help the less actives and even the active members feel important in the ward and feel loved.
We had zone conference yesterday,that is why we didn’t write yesterday, and President Lovell and Hermana Lovell came and taught us a box full and a half of things! I learned so much! I love zone conferences! They taught us to be grateful more and to have more faith and to really just talk and think and dream about the work of the Lord. I love being able to go and learn from someone so spiritual. The hard part is taking it all and applying it to the life and bettering oneself. Hermana Jones and I are working on this. We have set some really great goals and we are working to build eachother up and really accomplish our goals.
This week I learned that God is so important. Well, obviously. I learned about God that when we really turn to him he will help us accomplish the desires and wishes of our hearts.
One question that really struck me this week is: Can you say you are happier in your life because you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? And how do you show your happiness?
Thank you everyone for all you do and all the prayers and support! I love you all, really and truly. You all are children of a loving Heavenly Father and you are all royalty.
Pray please!! It is so powerful!

The Esquel area is so beautiful… i will send pics next week… my new comp is Hermana Jones from sandy and she is hysterical. she has less time in the mission that me and so we are learning a lot and doing our best to stick with it and really study the language. we don’t  have investigators… yeah we are struggling with that but we are praying and we are going to have a tsunami and find some golden investigators. there are soooo many less actives and we are working with them A LOT. we are constantly at less actives houses. it would help us a lot more if the members would visit the less actives but we have been the people to do that.but we are seeing miracles.

i am sooo sad to hear that Jim Coleman’s wife died. But yes i do know that the gospel blesses us with the knowledge that their family will be together again. If you see Randon will you tell him that I am praying for their family’s comfort? Thanks
i am excited to hear how the live stock show goes and ho every turns out with school ending and everything.
p.s.  Still no pictures this week.  We will figure this out!!
te amo papa!
 Hermana Houston (trabajando con una sonrisa) 🙂

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