Week 24 – April 13th, 2015 Esquel

Hola Everyone, from Esquel!

Firstly and most exuberantly Esquel is so beautiful!! You know how everyone tells you they hiked over moutains and hills in their mission and they had these crazy super awesome adventures? WE HAVE THAT! Our area is basically the valley and the mountain. We do some pretty rad hiking every day. It’s about a 35 degree incline and let me just tell you all. My calves are pumpin’. No sé si eso está bien decir pero bueno. We hike every day and we get to the top and I feel like Po off of Kung Fu Panda when he roles to the top of the hill to go see the awesome 5 (I think that is what they are called) and he rolls and fist pumps in the air and just lightly yells ‘yeah!’ through his weighed down breathing.. hahaha. It is so awesome. I love hiking and I love the view! oh my goodness the view here is amazing.

We get to the top and I take a picture almost every single time. The other day we get up there and Hermana Jones says: “Everything the light touches is our Kindgom” (Lion King quote!). It was actually really spiritual! This place is so beautiful and I am so grateful for this beautiful world that our Lord created for us. We really do have beauty all around us. The houses here are both rich and poor. The houses up on the mountain are super poor. They are made of boards and tin roofs. The houses in the valley and in Centro are nice and rich. It’s crazy to see the contrast but it is cool.

The members here are so awesome and I am so excited to work with them.

There are so many fun things that have happened so far. Hermana Jones is hysterical. I decided again that she is a mix of Candace Tolman, Erika Lovell and my sister Whitney. haha. It’s a crazy mix but it is so much fun. We laugh at everything and we are learning so much!

Sunday night we had no food. We had some flower and sugar and vanilla. so we put it together and tried to cook it like a crepe and it turned out okay.. I’m soft serving that… They were horrible. It looked like skin and tasted like foot.. haha. It was a fun experience but holy smokes we need to learn to keep oil and eggs in the house. haha

Not much action happening in the area right now but we are contacting so much and gaining new people. One things that we don’t usually know about missionary work is that we work so much with less actives. We have a whole bunch of less actives here and we visit them so much. A key thing that we have seen working is that when the members do their visiting teaching and home teaching that helps the converts or other members feel way more included.. so do it!

What I learned about God this week: I learned that God teaches us through the scriptures. When we read we really do learn something new each time. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are the literal words of God.

Thank you all for everything. Enjoy the blessings you have. Especially the little ones.

P.S.  Pictures still not working.


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