Week 23. April 7, 2015 Esquel, Argentina


Don’t worry everyone I am alive and well. Welp. My time came to an end in Cervantes and I have been transfered! Everyone take a guess…. I got transfered toooooo Esquel!!!!!! OH MY GOSH THERE ARE MOUNTAINS HERE! I am so happy to be surrounded by my “protectors” (the mountains). 🙂 I am so much more south! I am in the Province of Chubut. I am literally in the Patagonia! Wohoo!! Truthfully I am so so so very sad to leave the beloved and blessed land of Cervantes. Sad to say that my area closed. There are only elders in Cervantes now. We gave them all of our investigators and then they kicked us out! No no I am hard serving it, we were asked to leave. Going around and saying goodbye to everyone was so hard. Not knowing when I’ll see them again was even harder. But i know that the Lord has his timing and right now I am supposed to be in Esquel. 🙂
I am going to miss Hermana Farrow so much! we had so many good times together and we saw so many miracles!
My new compañera is Hermana Jones from Sandy, Utah. She is so awesome! She reminds me a lot of Candace Tolman. So I am enjoying the tolman vibe 🙂 My area is mountains and mountains. We literally climb the mountainside to see people. 🙂
I am so excited and I am so ready to work! I love this gospel and know that we have living apostles today and we have a living prophet! Conference was amazing!! I can’t wait to hear what you guys thought! I love you all and thank you for your support!
P.S.  The photos I sent didn’t work.  Sorry

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