Week 18 A Sunday of White


OH MY GOODNESS! The Lord is so good to me, folks!

This week has been a week of miracles and contacting! Like i said briefly last week my new comp is Hermana Farrow from California! She is lovely! She has a heart of gold and she is so dedicated to sharing this beautiful message of Jesus Christ. I am so happy to have her as my comp now 🙂 We laugh so much every day and we are learning from each other. She only has one more transfer than me so we are doing our best to get the language down together. It’s been fun when we both don’t know what people say and we give them that deer in the headlights looks. It’s all in timing of the Lord and we are supposed to learn together as a companionship and we are doing that, I can honestly say that.
Bueno, this week was the baptism of Analia Janet Barroso. The ana or anyta that I have been talking about. To explain the situation: She is the legit investigator of the hermanas in Roca because she lives in their area. But she knows the church and missionaries because her mom, Estela, is mine and my comp’s investigator and Ana is always at her mom’s house in Cervantes. so, we would teach her when she was in Cervantes and the hermanas in Roca would teach her when she was in Roca. So she is not our baptism but we have been calling her a district baptism. Hopefully that makes sense. 😉
Anyway, SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!! What a beautiful and meaningful day for her and for the other 4 girls that were baptized with her too. Also, Ana’s mom, Estela, really enjoyed the baptism and we are hoping that this will help her accept a baptismal date. I can’t even explain in words how much love was felt. We had a turn out of about 40 people at the baptism. After the baptism, in my broken Spanish, as everyone was leaving, I explained to Ana that each one of the persons that were there were their to support her in this grand decision that she made to follow the Lord, Jesus Christ. That now she has this ward family to boost her and to help her in every way. Wow. I am so grateful for my ward family and the help they have always given me! Please always support your new members! It is what they need!
I can’t explain in words how amazing Sunday was. Hopefully the photos will help explain the joy that was felt and seen on everyone’s face.
Funny Story of the week: we were eating lunch with a member on Wednesday and the tables here are basically just metal bars with an old door on top as the table. we cleared the lunch and we were trying to share our little message we had prepared and Hermana Farrow leaned on the edge of the table and almost flipped it!! haha. It doesn’t sound that crazy but oh my goodness it was so funny and she felt so embarrassed hahaha. Careful with those tables that are really tables!!
This week I learned that God will support all of His children and that He is so proud of each of us when we take big and small righteous decisions. Of all the titles He has He has asked us to call him Father. He really is our Heavenly Loving Father. And He loves you.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Houston
Ana's Baptism Day, 3-1-15

Ana’s Baptism Day, 3-1-15

Choose the Right Sisters, Ana and Janessa

Choose the Right Sisters, Ana and Janessa

Eternal Sisters in the Gospel, Ana and Janessa

Eternal Sisters in the Gospel, Ana and Janessa

Janessa, Ana, Estele and Edgar 3-1-15

Janessa, Ana, Estele and Edgar 3-1-15

March 1st, 2015  Ana's baptism day

March 1st, 2015 Ana’s baptism day

3-1-15  Janessa's new comp  Hermana Farrow from California

3-1-15    Janessa’s new comp Hermana Farrow from California


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