Week 16 You Can’t Teach without The Spirit


Guess what!? I made a dinner for a family! They asked me to make something from the states so I decided to make tacos.. that’s american enough right? But I was so worried about them no liking it or something like that. But guess what? THEY LOVED THEM!!!! They don’t have taco shells here so we improvised and used empanada tapas. It turned out really good.
Taco night 2-16-15

Taco night 2-16-15



On Sunday we had 4 of our investigators come to church! and a total of 18 people at church! That’s the best this whole transfer!! Woohoo!!
So we have this investigator named Judy (pronounced Shoody) and for the first 3 visits she wasn’t reading or keeping her commitments with us. We went and visited her on Wednesday. Needless to say she didn’t read the chapter we had given her to read in the Book of Mormon (chapter 11 of 3 Nephi). So we read it with her because we can’t move on and teach something new if she hasn’t read what she needs to first. Chapter 11 in 3 Nephi is about when our Savior Jesus Christ comes to the Americas. At the end of reading it we asked her, ‘What would you do if Christ came here right now?’ She completely stopped and everything went quiet. She said she wouldn’t know what she would do. We testified and then left her to read the next chapter in 3 Nephi. We went back on Friday to visit her and…. (pause for effect)… SHE READ!! Oh my goodness sakes we were so happy! We discussed what she had read and then we asked if she had any doubts or questions. She said no but we stayed quiet for about 10 seconds and then she said, ‘oh wait, yeah i do.. haha’. (Waiting and letting the spirit talk to them is so important). She asked us this question: “Can you watch TV after your baptized?” … Blew you away, didn’t it? haha. We told her that see we could, of course! We then invited her to baptism and she said she would pray about it! We are so excited and we are seeing so much progress in her!
Ana is progressing so fast! Her baptism is the 28th and she is in the fast lane learning and riding it like a champ! We taught her the Plan of Salvation yesterday and she understood it all and has no doubts about it.. Now, this is monumental! She doesn’t have any doubts! She then began to tell us then when we teach her she doesn’t doubt it. It is all so clear to hear and it just sounds like the truth. We told her that it’s not us. It is the Holy Ghost that is helping her understand and feel it’s true. The Spirit testifies of truth.
Wow. All I can say about her is that I love her so much and I love her family so much and I absolutely dread the day that I have to leave them. They have blessed my life so much and I am so grateful every day that God has put them in my path that I may be able to learn from them and love them and just know them.
One important thing that I learned this week was that we really can’t teach without the spirit. On Thursday we, us and the elders, went to Estela’s house because she wanted a priesthood blessing of comfort. We were there and the blessing was great but the spirit wasn’t present. We were prepared or something and it just felt.. weird.. The rest of the day was horrible. All of our lessons felt like they ended up in word wars. YOU CAN’T TEACH WITHOUT THE SPIRIT, FOLKS! I dropped to my knees that night and just poured my guts out to our Heavenly Father in asking for forgivness and help. The next day turned out way better but oh holy smokes. The spirit is the key. Don’t lose it.
FUNNY STORY: We were at Guido and Lucy’s house (members) and they gave us fresh pears! Oh my goodness they were so good and perfect. Hermana Bastian finished to pear and needed to throw the middle part out so she went to throw it into the trees but it slipped… and it hit Lucy right smack in the forehead.. Let’s just say that she hit the bullseye! Hahahah. We laughed for so long and she felt so bad. but it still was so funny. 🙂 

What I learned about God this week is that: He puts people in our lives to teach us, help us and love us. With Estela and Ana and their family I have realized this. God puts people in our path for a reason and He knows that they have something to offer to us and we have something we can offer to them. It is an amazing tender mercy that has been on my mind all week.
For you, as the reader, I want to tell you something. You are important. You have purpose. You.. are a child of a Heavenly King. And that.. that is amazing. You have worth. Your worth is set in stone and it never has changed and never will. You are important. You are a child of God and He loves you. And that is why you matter, right here, right now. Don’t ever forget your title that you hold, ‘A Child of God’. Wear it with a sense of worth. Wear it knowing that you are a literal child of a King.
They say the struggle is real, but I say my God is real.
Live for Him.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Houston
2-16-15  Selfie and Wildflowers

2-16-15 Selfie and Wildflowers

2-16-15 Wild Flowers

2-16-15 Wild Flowers

Peace Out.  Hermana Bastian and Hermana Houston

Peace Out. Hermana Bastian and Hermana Houston


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