Week 15 Soccer in the Rain in Argentina

February 9, 2015

Buen Día todos!!! o Buenes Tardes!!

Firstly, after we emailed last week we went to the church to have our P-day. We were outside playing soccer and all of a sudden… DOWN POUR. We played soccer in the pouring rain in argentina for about 2 hours straight. I was mildly excited.. I’m soft serving it.. I WAS SO EXCITED!!! I didn’t want to leave! Now. Let me just tell you that playing soccer in Argentina in the pouring rain was one of my number one things to do on my awesome things to do in argentina list. Accomplished! Check! STRENGTH!
2-9-15 Soccer in the Rain in Argentina (1)

2-9-15 Soccer in the Rain in Argentina (1)

2-9-15 Selfie in the Rain

2-9-15 Selfie in the Rain

Buenísimo!! Wow. This week was so full of fun things and fun people and miracles! Geez la weez I wish I could write everything! Bueno, we had our first Tsunami. Relax, relax. Not literally a wall of water over taking the land.. It is when your district of missionaries comes to your area and helps you and your companion harvest new investigators. Entonces, we had 8 missionaies in Cervantes on Friday and boy oh boy did we gather some harvest! I FOUND A LESS ACTIVE! Cervantes is so small that i thought I knew everyone but apparently not. I found a less active that we will now be working with! Woohoo for Antonio Santa Cruz, su nombre.

On Sunday, we had lunch a big lunch! Us and the elders got invited to Estela’s house with her whole family to eat. It was SO good! We ate carne esado y ensalada and so much more goodness! Afterwards we played Rummy (a card game from here, i think) which was awesome and then we pulled out the guitar and jammed a little bit to the hymns. jaja Sounds a little bit corny but it really was so awesome and reminded me of how important families are. Having our families together and spending time with them by playing games and laughing and music is so important. Take time for the little things like that this week.

I have told you guys about Ana already. She is the daughter of our investigator Estela. She is awesome and really interested in the church. She lives in Roca, and so the hermanas there are teaching her, but she still asks us questions when we go to her mom’s house and she is there. Anyway, on friday when we were in a member’s house in la defensa we got a call from the hermanas in Roca. The conversation went as follows:
Roca: Hola hermanas. we have some news
Us: What? what happened?
Roca: guess who has a baptismal date?
Us: no… are you serious?
Roca: serious!
I jumped from my chair (which broke) and began jumping in the air repeatedly. yeah! My chair literally broke which I felt so sorry for after my party of celebration for her. We danced and jumped for about 3 minutes, in front of member mind you, and then we slowly, very slowly, calmed down. We were so excited to hear that this daughter of God, Ana, accepted a day to be baptized. In the Distric videos that we watch and use here on the mission, there is one video where a recent convert to the church says something like this about how the church feels:
“Here, everybody cares about you, even if they don’t know you. There is always a warm smile for you. If it’s like this on earth, if everyone welcomes you here on earth and you feel the warmness and you feel good… can you image in the heavens? I just can’t wait.”
This made me think of our dance party for Ana. We were celebrating and dancing and probably yelling way to loud. But can you imagine the heavens when they watched her accept that baptismal date? A day that will forever change her life? Can you imagive the celebration they had in the heavens? Can you imagine all the angels and spirits running around high fiving everyong else and jumping off of clouds? All that celebrating for one child of God. All that celebrating because a lost sheep has been found. I thought of this and couldn’t help but get goosebumps. So get excited about bringing the lost sheep back to the pasture of the good shepherd. wow. It was a beautiful moment.
What I learned about God this week: Our Father in Heaven always has had a way for us to get back to him. He has set it on our big family dinner table while we are all eating dinner.. All we have to do is take it and use it. There is always home with him.
I love you all! and I love being a missionary here in Cervantes with these amazing people! They have touched my heart and life more than I thought was possible.  Remember that life is all about the people.
The Lord has people who have already died for His work and gospel, now, in this day and time, He needs people who will live for His work and His gospel.
Live for Him.
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Houston
2-9-15  Hermana Bastian, investigator, Hermana Houston

2-9-15 Hermana Bastian, investigator, Hermana Houston

2-9-15 District Mtg. in Roca.

2-9-15 District Mtg. in Roca.


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