Mini Miracles and People – Week 13

Buen Dia Todos!

Where to even begin? This week has been full of changes and tender mercies and miracles. I am SO happy!
Well as I sort of sad last week, we had transfers. Hermana Resquin got transfered to Neuquén Oueste which meant that I was getting a new companion that knows nothing about the area which also means that I will have to lead a lot of it.. what? My heart was scared but excited. It was sad to see Hermana Resquin go but I know she is off to bigger and better things in Neuquén. 
My new compañera is Hermana Chelsea Bastian from Salt Lake City, Utah. Woohoo UTAH! La Fabrica de misioneros, as they say here. She is tall and blonde and she loves to dance and she loves music and she essentially a really pretty awesome person. We get along so well and we already have a bunch of jokes that we can say and things of that sort. The really crazy thing about here is that this transfer is her last transfer of her mision. She goes home! She isn’t trunky and she says she doesn’t want to go home but she does.. she says it’s a struggle. She is so happy all the time and I am so excited to really buckle down and help bring happiness to other’s lives with her here in Cervantes.
Hermana Chelsea Bastian and Hermana Janessa Houston in Cervantes

Hermana Chelsea Bastian and Hermana Janessa Houston in Cervantes

One cool thing that happened is that Hermano Guido Muñoz has pigs.
And I don’t mean just cute little pigs.. I mean GIGANTIC pigs. They are completely huge. And they carry a completely huge stentch as well but they are magnificent creatures! Yay pigs!
gigantic hog

gigantic hog



Oh holy smokes, this week was absolutely amazing! Every day I saw miracle after miracle. Some miracles were tiny but they were miracles still the same. God is so good to us here in Cervantes and we know that Cervantes has so much potential!
Some of the Lord’s investigators here I didn’t know to well because Hermana Resquin would always talk and I would sit forward in the chair and do my best to understand about every 6th sentence. But now I am forced to speak and question because they know me better than Hermana Bastian (only a little). But I have seen that my spanish is getting better as I try my best to speak and just soley open my mouth. 
We had a Charla Franka with Bélen and her family the other day. We essentially went and  asked them the baptismal questions to see where they are at in understanding and spiritualality. We went in with an intention to get to know them better so that we could teach to their needs and ,oh my land!, were we blessed. The Lord blessed us and the family with more than we even prayed for. The Silva Family responded to almost every question correctly and if not it was because it simply wasn’t explained correctly before. We found doubts of theirs and then we found more beliefs as well. You should know that this family has been investigating the church for almost 4 transfers now and they have been invited to baptism multiply times over but the mom, Mariela, doesn’t want to get baptized and she doesn’t want her family to get baptized without her either. But.. at the end of our little lesson of questions we invited them to be baptized on the 14th of February. The spirit dove in and Mariela began crying and her husband was close to tears as well. I knew that the spirit was touching their hearts. But Mariela said: Ummm. i don’t know.. no.. not now..    My heart dropped. I love this family so much and I want the absolute best for them. And I testified of that to them. That I am not sitting in their house because I want to add them to a list of baptisms. But I am here in Argentina, in their house because I love them and I want the best for them. We ended with a prayer and left because it was time to be in the pension. It was a very successful lesson because we found out some doubts and worries that we can focus on. But please pray for them. The Silva Family. Especially the momma. They are so amazing and I want the best for them so much! 
Other investigators that we have are: Estela, Patricia, Camila, Gabriela, Family Gevara, Romina. Please pray for them and that they will have a desire to know of the truth that the Lord has put on this earth. 
I learned so much about God this week. I learned that when we focus on people and not on numbers the Lord provides succes in the little things. Also, I learned that God loves every single person on this planet with an emence love that we cannot even comprehend. He is literally our Father and he wants every. single. last. one of his children to be able to return to live with Him again. He is all loving and all knowing. The Lord will provide anything and everything if we do our part and if we put him first. 
Sorry that this letter is short again but we’ve got to get to work. 
Thank you all for your prayers and your support and love. I am so blessed to be right here right now. I love this gospel. I love this mission. I love Cervantes. I absolutely love the people! And I am so happy to be here serving these people and serving My Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a disciple of Christ and I am an instrument in his hands to bring forth his truth to every person. 
I’ll See You Soon.
Hermana Houston

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