Happiness is a Choice – Week 12

Hello Everyone!

So today is transfers so this letter won’t be quite as long or detailed because I don’t have much time.
Sad to say goodbye to Hermana Resquin but I know she is off to bigger and better things in the Neuquèn Oeste Zone. “Oh mil!” a famous quote from her that she uses about 250 times a day. haha
Wow. What a week! I don’t even remember all what happened. I honestly can’t believe that this transfer is already over.. I feel like I just got here. Well, here is the news about my transfers. I am staying here in Cervantes! My new companion I don’t know yet. She is from Utah and from what I have heard from every single misisonary is that she is super sweet and loves dance including hip hop! I am excited to get to know her and really buckle down and work my tail off this transfer.
Caution: the next couple of sentences might shock you…. We don’t report numbers anymore. What?? With the new year and the new transfer the mission has changed drastically. We only report number of baptisms and number of people that attended Sacrament Meeting. For those who haven’t been on missions this won’t seem like to much a big deal but in the mission it is a complete flip flop. And we also found out that we are getting a new mission president in June. Whoa. He is from Uruguay. I am so excited to try out all these new chaged and all these new things that have come with this transfer change! Woohoo!
 Let’s Do This Thing!!
To answer Mom’s question about who our Branch President is, we are actually part of a ward but it just takes to much money and time to travel to Roca for each person so that is why we do the meeting in Cervantes. We just got a new Bishop because our old Bishop went inactive. Wierd  I know. anyway. yeah.
So we got a new Bishop! And he came to our meeting in Cervantes this week. It was crazy to have another member of the ward other than us 4 missionaries in Cervantes, come. He is so nice and it was my first time meeting him. He is so young and has a cute little young family as well. He is strong hearted and ready to help us in Cervantes. I love the Bishopbric and the leaders in our church. They are definitely inspired! oh yeah and guess what? we had 20 people at Sacrament Meeting! How cool is that?? It was inspired because the bishop came  and it was a great turn out and oh my goodness the Lord has perfect timing.
The Spanish is coming along. Slowly but surely. I know that I can learn the language because I have a purpose behind it all. I am learning Spanish that I might be able to help invite others come unto Christ our Lord, Savior and Brother Jesus Christ.
Well I am about out of time but I am so excited for the changes and I am so grateful for all that I learned this transfer and I am ready to learn everything plus more!
This week I learned that God supports us through everything and anything. And that he has given us agency that we might be able to choose. And I know that happiness is a choice that we make regardless of the circumstances.
I am so happy to be where I am and so happy to be a missionary proclaiming his work right now. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what changes our lives. and I know that people help set fires of the gospel in others because they are on fire. I love all those hwo have served missions and all those who are serving right now. I love my family. I love my Savior. And I love this Gospel.
I’ll See Ya Soon,
Hermana Houston
Goodbye to Hermana Resquin

Goodbye to Hermana Resquin


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