Week 11 – Cervantes, Argentina

First of all, Feliz Ano!! Happy 2015, folks!! This is a great time to evaluate your year and make goals and plans! People always make goals but don’t make plans to accomplish them. So don’t forget to make plans! I have made so many goals and plans myself to hopefully become better in so many different areas. Be prayerful about your goals and God will help you with each one as you are obedient and diligent!

Our new year was pretty calm here. We spent it at the church in Roca. We had carne asado for lunch and we played a lot of soccer. It was pretty fun.. okay I am soft serving that. OH HOW MY HEART REJOICED!! I love soccer so much! Game after game after game! It was the middle of the day so yes it was about 90 degrees or more but did we continue to play regardess? Of course we did. It did get to the point we needed to be in the shade so we played Signs, for anyone who knows what that is. It was the funnest game of signs I have ever played in my life! I love my zone and district so much! Overall, our new year was awesome and I got to hear the celebrations because we live right next to the firestation and they set their sirens off for about 10 minutes at midnight. FELIZ AÑO TODOS!
Friday was legendary day because… pause for effect.. I had my first intercambio! Hermana Quispe came to Cervantes and I had to plan everything and know everywhere and oh holy smokes I was so scared! But the Lord provided and it went well! I learned so much from Hermana Quispe. She is from peru and she cooked me peruvian food! mmm mm good! I liked intercambios a lot.
This week I learned sooooo much. On Tuesday we visited Gabriela, an investigator and she essentially just cried and cried and cried to us about her situation. She has to take care of her Mom who isn’t really all there in the head and her siblings won’t help her at all. She cried and cried. All of a sudden the spirit flooded in and I was speaking spanish to her. I testified of the importance of putting God first and reading our scriptures and praying every day. And how when we do those things God will magnify the other parts of our life and help us in everything. It was so sad and I wanted and still want to help her so much and I know that I can by sharing this gospel with her. Pray for her!
On Saturday after we planned our next week we were both so ready to get out and work. We went to visit one of our investigators Patricia but she was showering so her daughter Camila came out and talked to us. OH MY GOODNESS SHE IS SO SWEET AND SHE IS SO READY FOR THE GOSPEL. She said she is really intersested in what we have to say. We are already teaching her mom and she said that her dad would love to hear what we have to say because he prays a lot each night. wow, let’s just get the whole family in on it shall we?? Pray for them!
I met Arian this week. She is a nine year old little girl who is a less active convert. She is the most darling thing! She taught me to how play Rumi when we all had lunch at the Muños house. She saw my spanish CTR ring and liked it. So I whipped out one of the little ones that mom sent me with to pass out. So now Ariana has a HLJ ring to help her remember to always choose the right. Right before I left she asked how to spell my name and after a few seconds she gave me them most darling drawing that she drew of a house and sky and flowers, you know the classic child’s drawing of the world. Oh my goodness she melted my heart!
So many people before the mission told me to love the people. Well let me tell ya folks, I love the people. They have my heart and I want the best for all of them!
This week I learned that God is the most trustworthy person. He is the person who we can trust with every aspect of our lives. I also learned that he has his own timing. Some things come right away but sometimes he makes us wait for our own benefit because He knows that we need it at a different time.
Happy New Year, everyone! Make plans! Make goals! and Do the best that you can to be your best! See yourself as God sees you!
I’ll see you all really soon!
Hermana Houston
p.s. this is my last week of this transfer.. crazy.
Pear Orchard

Pear Orchard

Open Barbecue,  Potatoes and Carrots.  This man wants me to cook (Bar Ten) dutch oven potatoes for him.  We will see if it happens.

Open Barbecue, Potatoes and Carrots. This man wants me to cook (Bar Ten) dutch oven potatoes for him. We will see if it happens.

Mosquitos like me:(

Mosquitos like me:(

Janessa is brighter than the Sunflowers.  haha.  This if for my Mom!!

Janessa is brighter than the Sunflowers. haha. This if for my Mom!!


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