Week 7 Arrived in Argentina

Hola Todos!

Don’t worry I am alive! My p-day is now Monday so you all can do those ‘missionary-Monday’ posts about me. cough cough**.
Well, let’s begin, shall we?
Nov. 30th, 2014:  Sunday was an amazing day. We had speakers come like usual and to be quite honest I don’t remember much about the speakers because the most important part of the day was the evening. It was our last day as a district in the MTC so we decided to skip the movie and go to our classroom and have the Elders give us Priesthood blessings. We went Hermana, Elder, Hermana, Elder and so on. I haven’t cried that hard is so long. All of us were literally weeping. We love each other so much. We are a family. After the Elders gave us blessings, Elder Fuga started off testimonies {in English of course because we wanted to fully express ourselves this last day}. Each and every one of us cried and said how much we love every single person in our district. It honestly felt like I was leaving my family again. We had our last ‘family prayer’ together. Wow. I love my MTC district and I will forever and eternity. They have become part of me and I cannot express in words how much they mean to me. te quieres mi distrito. After our district meeting we departed to your rooms to finish packing.
Dec. 1st, 2014:  Monday we got up and got all our information to depart. Elder Skousen, as you all know, didn’t fly with us. But he helped us load our bags and such and right before we left we all got together and put our hands in and yelled {take into note that this is at 6:00 AM, most people are still asleep} ‘UNO, DOS, TRES… SI SE PUEDE!!’ And then Elder Skousen went one way and we all went the other. I told him to watch out for my fried Ashlyn who is going to the Chile MTC so he might see her.
We then got to the SLC aiport and we all called our families. Each of us cried a little bit. It was so good to hear my family’s voices. I love them. We flew to Atlanta, Georgia and then we got on an international flight to Buenes Aires, Argentina. That flight was… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. 10 hours I think in a sitting position. I actually don’t recommend it. But tried to do a lot of sleeping but that didn’t work so I studied my Spanish a lot.
We got off that flight in Beunes Aires at 7 ish AM Argentina time on Tuesday. It was early. If you see any of the pictures most of us look so terrible because we had a lack of sleep and we were emotionally exhausted haha. We then were met by a member who put us in a  little bus and we putted along through Buenes Aires to another tiny airport. We met another man that we didn’t know and he directed us and then we ended up on this other flight to Neuquen. I say all this like I didn’t know what was happening because I quite honestly was just following the crowd because I was so dazed. But all is well because we made it safe to Neuquen that night at about 6:00 pm. President Lovell and Hermana Lovell picked us up at the airport with the APs. {Oh! fun fact. Only two of my bags came instead of three.. fun huh? It came 24 hours later, don’t worry.}
So we met President Lovell and his wife. Let me just put it simply. They are elect people from Heavenly Father. They have the sweetest souls and I know that I was sent here with them for a reason. The first question I asked President Lovell was, ‘so do you know Elder Turek?’ {My cousin, for those of you who don’t know who that is} and he said ‘of course! he has told us so much about you and has told us in almost every single letter that you were coming!’ hahaha. It was a great little first encounter. They took us to the mission home and we ate real empanadas and chit chatted. We then went to sleep because we were completely exhausted. Sadly, Hermana Van Boerum had to sleep at a members house while I had to stay at the mission home. It was the weirdest experience being away from my amazing companion for the first time in 6 weeks. I missed her a lot.
The next day we just had a lot of information talked about at us and OH! I got a package! yeah! My first day! It was the package from the ward with the twelve days of Christmas. Thank you!!!! {But p.s. it costs money to receive packages here. And it’s not cheap. And the money comes from the specific missionary’s account. So i would love to get packages but I would also love to have money to sustain myself with food. So essentially, no packages is great! haha}.
Thursday, the day of days. We met all the trainers on Thursday morning and we went out on the street and street contacted with tarjetas! YEAH WE WENT ON THE STREET AND TALKED TO ARGENTINIANS IN SPANISH AND EVERYTHING. It was actually fun and successful. At about 4:00 pm we all got together in President Lovell’s living room, the newbies and the trainers, and we received our new companions. woot woot! My companion is now Hermana Resquin. She is from Paraguay and is 22 years old. She is such a hard worker and I love her already. She pushes me but she is also patient with me. She is a convert of 8 years
Hermana Resquin  from Paraguay

Hermana Resquin from Paraguay

​That evening each of us left to our areas. I didn’t want to leave Hermana Van Boerum. Sleeping in a different house was even difficult. I had about 2 minutes notice that I was leaving. I hollered at Hna Van B.. I told her all that I could. She has made me such a better person. I love her like my own sister. Leaving her at the mission home, not knowing when I would next see her, was honestly one of the most emotionally trying moment of my life. She has become a part of my heart. I love her so much and I miss her so much.
My first area is called Cervantes. It is just north of Neuquen. It is kind of in the poorer area. Friday we got up and prepped for the day and then got on the ko-ko {the bus} to Roca for our new district meeting. We got there a bit early. About 15 minutes after I arrived I was sitting waiting and guess who walked in… Elder Bradley Turek in the flesh. YES MOM AND AUNT KATHERINE, BRAD AND I ARE IN THE SAME DISTRICT!!!! I stood up and gave him a very loving and firm… handshake. haha I didn’t hug him because, ya know, rules. But holy smokes, neither of us could stop smiling. It was so good to see a familiar face. He is still skinny as heck and has the biggest smile on the planet. Aunt Katherine, your little boy ain’t so little anymore, but I can tell you that he is full of the Light of Christ and he loves the mission so much.
Elder Brad Turek - My Cousin - Same District

Elder Brad Turek – My Cousin – Same District

The rest of Friday took a down hill swing to be frank. I have never had a more emotionally and heart ripping day. That was kind of intensely said but Hna Resquin and I were contacting all day and it was going great but I kept thinking about the MTC and about Hna Van B. To be honest, there were moments when I had to look to the side and compose myself. I miss her so much. That night I got down and poured my heart and soul out to my father in Heaven for help. And lo and behold on Saturday he helped me.
Saturday we had to go to conference in the evening. Last minute notice. We had stake conference in Roca. We got to the church and from the side of me I hear ‘Hermana Houston!’ I look over and, blessed be everything, there was Hna Van B. SHE IS IN MY STAKE!! I hugged her so tight. It was so great. We chatted and chatted and we wrote little notes in each others planners. And we did get to see each other on Sunday at the other session of Stake Conference. We took some pictures on her camera {which i hope she sends me so i can send them home} and we said goodbye about three times but then we actually ended up eating lunch together with a couple of other companionships! It was a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. WE laughed and talked and swapped weird stories. She is one of the strongest souls I have ever met in my life and I love you so much. I know I talk a lot about her but she is my best friend and she is now my family.
Well, I met a lot of people this week and I can tell you all now that I already love the people of Argentina! They are amazing. They are kind and are nice enough to slow down their speech for me. haha. I especially love the Munoz family. They are recently reactivated members and they are so kind. I love them.
Fun fact: We great by kisses on the cheek! HAHA I actually love it. The Hermanas obviously can’t greet men that way but we great every single lady that way. It is fun.
OH I CAN’T FORGET: happy birthday Whitney and Sam! I thought of you guys a lot!!! I telopathically gave you both hugs just now! LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!
Well, for things I learned this week: My life is all about the people around me and the relationships I have. Hermana Van Boerum is my sister. Without the Lord and his Atonement we can do nothing. Prayer is a safe haven that can comfort all. And I love the mission so far. 🙂
I am so grateful for my first companion and now I am so grateful for my new companion Hna Resquin. She is a hard worker and absolutely loves this gospel.
I hope you all have a great week.  I love you all so much.
I’ll see you soon,
Hermana Houston
Refuerzos y entrenadors

Refuerzos y entrenadors

President and Sister Lovell at Mission Home December 3, 2014

President and Sister Lovell at Mission Home December 3, 2014


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