Travel Plans


I got my travel plans. sadly i will be staying in the states because my visa hasn’t gone through yet…
I am going to ARGENTINA!!!!!!! My visa went through! PRAISE! We received our travel plans this afternoon! I leave the MTC on December 01, 2014!! Skadoooosh!!!! So exciting! 7 out of our 8 in the district are on the same flight! Sadly, Elder Skousen is on a later flight because he is gong to Chile not Argentina. We all are so sad.. especially him.. But all is well and the Lord will provide! So no worries about me traveling alone or anything. I know for a fact there will be at least 10 of us that I know personally!!!!!
So here is my itinerary:
6:00 AM – Depart MTC for SLC Airport
11:15 AM – Depart SLC [flight #1912]
4:50 PM – Land/Arrive in Atlanta, Georgia Airport
7:44 PM – Depart Atlanta, Georgia Airport [flight #101]
7:55 AM – (Dec 02) Land/Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina
And then the rest is history and I am pretty sure I will be riding a bus to Neuquen.. haha. It’s okay. The Bar 10 got me used to long car rides haha. 🙂 well!!! I think I will be calling you guys from the SLC airport on the morning ofDecember 1st! (in 9 days). Please tell me what phone you want me to call and please tell me if I need to call Jordan, Mindy and Whitney separately and if so please give me all of their phone numbers! I don’t remember them by heart! Sorry!! But I will give you a little bit more details on Wednesday. We are only given a few minutes just to let you know we got our plans to travel.
Holy Smokes I am so excited!!!! Let me know if you guys have any more questions and such. Oh! and I NEED A PRE PAID CALL CARD that i cant use on the airport wall phones ya know?! I didn’t even think about that. I need one of those stat! Please!!!!
Well, I love you so much and if i think of anything that i need before I leave I will tell you on wednesday and you might just have to priority ship it! Please pray for all to go well and if you are going to send packages do that now! I don’t want to risk me not getting them, ya know? mom, I hope you got my Christmas package emails! I LOVE YOU!
I love you guys so much!!!!!! I’ll talk to you voice to voice in 9 days!!!!!! [excited to the point that I am bouncing and shaking!!!!]

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