Week 1

Buenos Dias Everyone!

Wow. Where to begin! Well, all is well here at the Provo Missionary Training Center. I love it here. I do sort of feel like I am at school but the Lord’s school, ya feel? I am learning so much and I wish I could tell you all exactly what I do all the time… well not all the time because thats a little personal… but you know what I mean. I wish I could share all the AMAZING experiences that have happened so far but I will just share the key ones, claro? Bien.
I’m sad to hear that Dad didn’t get a deer this year but he will next year! Mom, I hope you get better from the flu! Jeff and Kim and Dad will take care of you! I loved all the emails I got and I can’t explain the worth that letters and emails have to missionaries! I know we always say that but it is true!
Upon arrival at the MTC I said farewell to the familia and then I was shoved and pushed into a bunch of different room and given a bunch of papers and oh holy smokes it was sort of stressfull. But the first thing they gave me was my name tag.. “Hermana Houston  La Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Utlimos Dias” SO LEGIT!!! Don’t worry I have already taken a few pictures of it. haha. After that we went to our rooms and left our stuff and then went to our classrooms (which is where we will be studying and learning the whole MTC stay). It is approximately the size of a medium sized bathroom with a chalk board and some chairs. But it is lovely. My district is District 38 and we are in … a zone.. I forget which zone we are but oh well. No importante. So then I got my COMPANERA(MY COMPANION). Her name is Hermana Van Boeurm. She is from Holladay, Utah. Her first name is Anika. Now just think about it for a second… Yes.. Like Anikan Skywalker from Star Wars.. [skadoooosh!!]. She is such an awesome laddy(said like laddy in a scotish accent). She is a mesh of Morgan Matheson, Aubrey Adams and Kimmie. hahah. dresses like Morgan and talks like her but then she has the sass and sarcastic personality of Aubrey Adams and then she just does little things that Kim does, for example facial expressions. She is a hoot and I am so blessed to have her as mi companero. oh! and she is going to the same mission as me!
After we met our companions then we were just moved throught his insane day and I don’t remember much from that day other than I was so entirely tired that night.
I am gonna give you lovely people a brief example of a day in the life at the MTC. So wake up at 6:30. In class by 7:00. Study until 8:00. Eat breakfast until 8:30. Gym time from 8:30-9:20. Class from 9:50-12:50 (no chistes (means no jokes)). then you eat lunch from 12:50 to 1:30. then you study from 1:30-5:30 (Our maestro reminds me of Flint of of Cloudy witha chance of meatballs because he always is making sound effects when he is donig things and he says he is a super intense nerd ahhaah). Eat dinner. Then study more from after dinner until 9:30 pm. Then you report to your residence hall (where you live) and get ready for the next day until 10:15. then from 10:15 until 10:30 is quiet time. Which is a time in which you are supposed to take to your self and reflect on the days activites and write in your journal. Then at 10:30, lights. out.
Sounds fun, huh?? eh? eh? haha It honestly and truthfully is SO MUCH FUN! I am learning and testifying at paces I didn’t know where possible! I speak SO MUCH SPANISH ALL THE TIME! ahha CHISTES! I TRY to speak so much spanish and I have learned so much!
So the main thing I want to do for this email is tell you guys about my District. There are 8 of us. I am going to give you a brief description of each. so
Hermana Houston: thats me! 🙂
Hermana Van Boerum: I explained her up there.
Hermana Alexis Taylor: Hermana Taylor is a stick. She is SO SKINNY! She just graduated this last June and is from South Carolina! She is a high energied skinny girl who is fluent in English and French and got called to the Argentina Neuquen Mission. She is nervous and says she is struggling with the language a little bit but she is actually making jumps and leaps for knowing absolutely nothing about the language.
Hermana Syndie Eppley: Hermana Eppley is from Elkgrove, Utah. I’m going to explain her simply by telling you what happened 2 nights ago.. She was writing in her journal and a spider ran across her bed and she screamed as if all her limbs had just got chopped off. Keep in mind it was during our journal writing. haha she is so awesome. She is 20 and guess what… SHE LIVED IN GLENWOOD IN MY EXACT SAME WARD AND WE NEVER EVER MET AND HOLY SMOKES THAT IS CRAZY! haha we FLIPPED out when we found out we lived doors down from each other at college. haha. She said she had to work sundays usually but I knew that she looked so familiar! She is a sweet soul. She knows more spanish then most of our district and is my next go to person when I need to know a spanish word.
Elder James Brazell: Elder Brazell is a skinny white kid from Logan, Utah. He is a drummer and told us that if he wasn’t on a mission he would be at college majoring in music. He has a girlfriend and brags about her constantly but he also said he is planning on getting “Dear John”ed by her. Sad but I guess he is ready for it.
Elder Teancum Fuga: Elder Fuga is Samoan as you can tell by his last name. He knows Ammon Finau! Not personally but he says he knows him because when you are polynesian you know all the polynesians. He is from California and graduated in this last January so he could go up on scholarship to BYU and be a STARTER defensive tackle for the BYU football team. Yes, he did play in the BYU vs. USU game and it is a touchy subject if you bring it up. haha. Jeff, you would love him! He has so much BYU pride haha. He is huge.. I don’t mean that in a rude manner but he has bear sized hands and when we eat dinner eat has at least 3 plates of food. He is huge and looks intimidating but he is the most sentimental and soft teddy bear elder. He gave Hermana Taylor a blessing the other day and he just knows how to speak so sweetly. OH! mom he is tongue tied like you but his is way worse.
Elder Trevor Skousen: Elder Skousen is also from California. He set aside a basketball scholarship to Chico State University to come on a mission. He loves basketball and he also has a girlfriend but doesn’t like to talk about her. He is our District leader and is learning so much.
Elder Wyatt Urmston: elder Urmston is from Benjamin, Utah. He is fresh out of high school and looks just like my friend college. He is a nerd. and it is okay for me to say that because he said it himself! haha. He loves anime and he also has a girlfriend! He is so good at spanish and it is mostly because he is a good studier.
I just had to tell you all about my district because they are my family and we have had some deep talks together and and I love them so much.
Well some fun experiences that happened this week are:
Sunday we sang the new verses to As Sisters in Zion and boy did the spirit hit me! If you have not yet heard those verses then please go look them up. They are all about women and the hastening of the work!
So, fun fact. On our first day we learned that on the 3rd day we were to teach our first discussion.. WHATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hermana Van B and I’s investigator is Ulises. He is a college student playing futbol and let me tell you how much that scared me!! Our first lesson was worse than awful. It was horrendous. We were so discouraged. But we have now taught 3 lessons to him and we are on our toes ready for anything. We are also teaching this new guy named Marco. He has polio and is the sweetest man. We went in for our first lesson yesterday. We had a plan outlined and everything but we just went off of the spirit and it went beautifully! He thinks our temples are beautiful and so we told him how he can be with his family forever though them. Hma Van B and I both bore powerful testimonies and I could feel the spirit there. I told Marco how God Loves him in very broken spanish and at the end of the lesson he said “I feel something” and we testified to him that it was the Holy Spirit. I am so excited for him and for our progress!
FUNNY STORY: As we were leaving that lesson he told us good night in spanish which is Buenas Noches! and Hma Van B turns and says Buenes Suertes! which means good luck! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we were laughing and crying so hard that this working thought we were so upset to the point of tears! SO HYSTERICAL!!
Well crab nuggets! my time is up! Only one hour! I’ll try and plan my writing better next week! I love all of you so much and I hope that you all have a beautiful week! I am so happy and know the Lord blesses me!
I’ll See Ya Soon,
Hermana Houston
Sister Missionaries from Janessa's district

Sister Missionaries from Janessa’s district

My Sister Leader Trainers. They are awesoeme

My Sister Leader Trainers. They are awesome.

Temple Walk with my Sisters.

Temple Walk with my Sisters.

Elder Fuga and Elder Brazell

Elder Fuga and Elder Brazell

Everyone enjoyed Paige's Care Package!!

Everyone enjoyed Paige’s Care Package!!


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