Day 1–October 22, 2014

Basically.. I am alive and well! I am surviving and am a bit overwhelmed but I am so excited! We did some lessons and met so many people. And yes Jordan, I do have a “dork dot” on my name tag. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, says “welcome to the MTC!” because of that dork dot.. so lovely (actually it gets old after the 4th time). My companion is Hermana Van Boerum!! She is from Holiday, Utah. She reminds me so much of Morgan! I love her so much already and I am so excited!! Her first name is Anika!! LIKE ANIKAN SKYWALKER from star wars! haha don’t worry she gets that all the time. 🙂
 My P-Days in the MTC are on Wednesday! So just be aware of that right now!
I love you all so much!!
I’ll see you soon!!!
Hermana Janessa Houston

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