Regrets and Rewards

Today has been hard and rewarding. 

Recently, I have been involved in two car accidents. Due to these two car accidents, I have had expenses creating skyrocketing charts. A touch of overwhelmedness right? I had all these things going on and all of this stress that was overflowing my bucket and at the end of it all, another thing was added to it. And because I was at such a breaking point, Satan got the best of me. He convinced me to hide it and to keep it a secret and to blow it off like I were nothing and it could be fixed real easily later… well doing so caused me great confusion and great pain and a great heart reaching question. When am I gonna confess? When am I going to let the world know that I’m not as perfect as I portray myself to be in all social media sites… 

While sitting in my institute class, Jesus Christ and the everlasting gospel, I found myself unable to focus. This trespass kept creeping in and stealing the one-man-stage in my mind. I knew i couldn’t keep this up or I’d be called crazy. I knew I needed to confess and come clean. 

Taking me two days, I finally got the courage (through much prayer) to confess . I simply went up to them and said, “i did it. It was me. I didn’t tell you because I felt embarrassed. I’m sorry”. One of the greatest speeches any human can give is the three word sermon of “I am sorry”. 

The freedom that came, and comes, through true confession and repentance is so real. I know that confession is so hard. Like SO hard. But I do know that the joy and happiness that Christ can bring into our life as we let him heal us, is far greater than any pain we could feel. 

When we rely on Christ, he grants us repentance, mercy, and happiness. They are guaranteed to come hand in hand when the repentance is true. 

I know that our cleanliness reflects perfectly our level of happiness. I know that we get credit for trying and I am so grateful for that. 

God is all knowing and Jesus Christ is the Savior. He will save us. Let us let him in. 



Week 76 – “Learning to Love” – April 11th, 2016

Goodmorning, folks! Did you get up today? Did you smell the flowers? Did you breath some fresh air? Did you see the colors changing in the trees? Have you smiled today?
This week was great. We had Zone Conference with President Casariego and his wife. Wow. We spoke of respect and about being mature. It went fantastic. I know that President Casariego is a man called of God to be the mission president. When Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke in conference he quoted a scripture in Joshua 3:5. As I heard him resight that scripture, the Spirit affirmed to me that God calls his servants because just 4 weeks earlier our mission president had given us the transfer theme of: Joshua 3:5. Revelation is given to man. We live in a miraculous era.
 If we want someone to listen, maybe we should change the way we talk. We may have a lot to say but words alone won’t teach them how to walk. If they know that you love them they might want to make a change. We don’t need to yell, we don’t need to shout, we can show them. They need to know that we care about them first, because our actions speak much louder than our words.
Nacho will be baptized this saturday! He is progressing. We are going to invite his dad Mario to be baptized on the same day. We are also working with Augustine, the novio (the boyfriend of a member), so that he can recognized his answer which he has already recieved so that he may also  be baptized on Saturday.
Also, please pray for Guillermo who we will be working with to be baptized this week.
God’s not dead. He is surely alive.
As I was writting this letter, a little girl came up to me with a small black garbage back in her hand.
“Señora?” she said to me. “yes” I responded. “Would you have something to share?”, she said.
 I examined her dirt plastered hair and 3 week old clothes. “what was that?.. What do I have?” I asked her. “Can I have your juice?” she asked me while pointing to the newly purchased Gatorade, of which I had taken 2 sips. I looked at the Gatorade, then I looked at the dirt smudges on her face. “You want this gatorade?” I asked, now grabbing it. “yes, please”, she asked politely. “Here you go.” I told her as I gave the gatorade. She was so sweet and so grateful.
Why is it that we as humans are so selfish? There are people around us who don’t even have juice or something to drink. Let’s open up our eyes and see the needs so that we can be the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here on the earth.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and prayers!
I´ll see you soon, then.
Hermana Janessa Houston
D&C 88:123
Joshua 3:5
4-11-16 Hermana Maldonado. Fall colors
Hermana Maldonado – Fall Leaves
4-11-16 Meideso- tan dog, and Negrito-the black dog
Meldiego,  tan dog and Negrito, black dog.  They belong to some young women in the ward.
4-11-16 Nacho Adentro de una silla. He will get baptized this Saturday
Nacho adentro de una silla
4-11-16 Pastaflor. It's a pastry that is delicious
Pastaflor, its a postre here that is riquísimo ( a pastry that is really rich)

Week 75 – April 4th, 2016 – The First and Great Doctrine

Buen día a todos vosotros extremos de la tierra!!!!

Get excited, folks! We have technology and we were able to hear the profet speak this last weekend!! Be joyous! We are so blessed!!
This week was crazy awesome! Basically all of our lessons were with members and 3 of our investigators came to general conference with questions that needed to be answered on a sheet of paper. We had all the investigators write down their doubts or questions about the church on a piece of paper and had them take it to General Conference. Their questions were ANSWERED!! We got thinking before conference, “Its pretty hard to doubt the words of the living day profet..” So we took all of our animo and had all of them write they questions down.

It was a beautiful conference. Those who were not able to watch it or did not know that it happened, here is the link: Write down your questions and doubts and concerns and I promise that as you listen and study out the words of the profets you will be given the answer. It is a promise from a representative of Jesus Christ.
We are working hard with Nacho and Augustin who have their baptismal date for the 16th of April. We are so excited and they are progressing so much. They both show true desires to be better and feel better.

We are tired and happy. Before the mission I never thought I would put those two words together and call them both a state of happiness. But now I can. I am happy and tired. Exhausted and joyous. Sore and strong.

We learned a lot about God this week as we listened to General Conference: This is what I learned: I learned that the first and great commandment of God is that we must love him with all of our might, mind and strength. But also, that the first and great doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel is that God loves us and we are His children.
I know that we have a living profet today named Thomas S. Monson. I know that God has restored his gospel here on the earth so that by and through his restored priesthood keys we can unlock the door to salvation and eternal life. We must study the words of the profets. We must pray for those in need but more importantly, we must ACT for those in need. Lets put our shoulder to the wheel and push along.

I love you all. Please pray for all of the investigators of Argentina and of the world. The prayers are needed and felt.

I´ll see you soon, then.

Until next time.
Hermana Janessa Houston
Proverbs 28:13
D&C 121:34-40
4-4-16 Fall is upon us
Fall is upon us
4-4-16 Beautiful Fall Leaves
Beautiful Fall Leaves in Cipoletti, Argentina
4-4-16 Hermana Houston and Hermana Maldonado
Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Janessa Houston
4-4-16 Lara , me and Rocio
Lara, Me and Rocio
4-4-16 Me and Hermana Chavez from Peru
Hermana Chavez, from Peru and Me
4-4-16 Missionaries waiting for next session of Conference to Start
A group of missionaries in between sessions of  General Conference
4-4-16 We ate 8 or 10 pizzas in between conference sessions
We ate 8 or 10 pizzas for lunch in between conference sessions.
4-4-16 We bought and ate Pinona's (Giant Pine Nut)
Hermana Maldonado and I bought Pinanas (Giant Pine Nuts) and ate them.

Week 74 – March 28th, 2016

!Buenas! !Buen día! Ojalá que todo esté bien y que estén felices! Dios nos Ama!!
  • a mission activity in our ward that went SO WELL. We printed out missionary name tags from cartel for everyone that came. All of the little kids just absolutely LOVED it. And when we asked all the members how they felt having a name tag on their chest, they all said that they felt important. We presented a mission plan for the family to all of them and then we had games and treats at the end. IT WENT SO WELL!!!
  • The youth of our ward did a silhouette show. IT WAS BASICALLY PROFESSIONAL! They used the song “Thousand Years”. The story that they told was of a young boy growing up and going on a mission, baptizing, coming home, fighting with his girlfriend and then getting married in the Temple with the love of his life. And at the end they have a baby boy and showed him the Temple and oh my goodness it was just the sweetest thing. My companion got it on video.
  • We played a musical number on sunday in Sacrament! WE played “He is the Christ”. I played violin, my comp played the piano and we accompanied Flor (Her name is pronounced like Flower) as she sang.
  • We saw mircales this week. We are teaching a lot of people thanks to the MEMBERS! They are truly working WITH us and not competing. We have had members telling us that they have been praying and fasting for specific people and those specific people are ariving at the church and wanting to get baptized!!! WE ARE SEEING MIRACLES!
  • This is the experience we had this week.
We literally saw miracles yesterday.  At the end of Gospel Principals class we were in the hallway waiting for the other class to get out.  We started to talk with the boyfriend of a member that had been going to church for 3 weeks already. ( We had been trying to connect with his girlfriend and her family to have a home evening with him but things always happened.)  He asked us, “What do you have to do to get baptized?”  I thought, wow!!!   We set a time with him to have the lessons at the church with a member.  We later talked with his girlfriend and told her what had happened and she almost started to cry.  “Sisters,” she said, “I don’t know the number of times I have fasted and prayed.”  He told me the other day he wanted to get baptized and that he wanted to marry me in the great building in Buenos Aires…and so on. (TEMPLE)
I am so happy and so tired and just so grateful to be here in the mission!
I am here learning so much about God: I have learned this week that God uses a lot of symbolism to teach his children. Especially in the Old Testament. I love the scriptures. I love my Savior. And I love the mission.
Thanks you for your love and support!”
Que tengan una buena semana!! Chau!
Hermana Janessa Houston
Jarom 1:11-12
3-28-16 Great attendance at Mission Activity
We had great attendance at our Missionary Activity
3-28-16 Happy Easter
Rodriquez family  fed us and gave us Easter Treats
3-28-16 Hermana Huisar from Mexico
Me and Hermana Huisar from Mexico enjoying frozen yogart-kinda
3-28-16 I taught my comp to play the violin
I taught Hermana Maldonado to play the violin
3-28-16 Making flan and sporting the jams
Making Flan and sporting the PJs.
3-28-16 Mission Activity
Youth at our Missionary Activity
3-28-16 My Comp, You
Me, Comp and two converts
3-28-16 Natalie and Valarie - youth in the ward
Natalie and Valerie from the Ward.
3-28-16 Practicing - This is the Christ - I played in Sacrament on Easter
Practicing “This is the Christ”
3-28-16 Rodriguiez family fed us and gave us Easter Candy
Another selfie with the Rodriguez Family on Easter Sunday
3-28-16 Romina Esclada gave me a ceremonial flag. She served her mission in Columbia. she is quite serious and hysterically funny
Romina Escalada gave me this ceremonial Argentina flag as a souvenier.  She served her mission in Columbia.  She is quite serious, but I think she is hilarious.
3-28-16 This is Melanie - a convert of one year
This is Melanie.  She has been a convert for one year.
3-28-16 Youth that came to Mission activity
Youth that came to the mission activity.  They are the Cutest!!

Week 73 – March 21st, 2016 Cuando Hay Hambre, No Hay Pan Duro

God has prepared us, folks. For great things. Small and large. Memorable and forgetable.

Perdón que no tengo mucho tiempo para escribir…encima just acabo de escribir al presidente Casariego.
Well. I don’t have much time. Just know that I am doing well and this we was amazing and crazy and hectic and flawless and just all of the adjectives put in one…
I am learning so much and I am growing.
I have learned a lot about God this week: I have learned that God gives us trials to prepare us for something in the future. I know that the things I have passed through and had to deal with have prepared me for this very week.
God is wise. God is faithful. God is loyal.
Everyone is learning. Help them write their story. Don’t spill your own pen ink on their page. But just help them be insipired and uplifted. We are hear to serve eachother.
The church put out a new video for Easter. Go look it up and share it on facebook:    hallelujah
Please pray for Nacho, Mario, Morena, María, Martin, Estela, Guillermo… and all those investigators.
3-21-16 Running and delivering photos, Hermana Maldonado and Hermana Houston
Out for our morning jog and delivered some photos to a member.
3-21-16 Zone and Zone Training
Our Zone in Cipoletti
3-21-16 Zone in Cipoletti, Argentina
Zone Training
3-21-16 Hermana Maldonado and I are eating yummy pastries
Hermana Maldonado and I are eating yummy pastries.

Chaos – Week 72 – March 14th, 2016

This week went like so:

Got up at 6:30. Dropped hna Hellstern off at the mission office. Picked up hna Vilca, Chavez and Afane from the terminal. Dropped off 6 suitcases at my pension. We 4 went and wrote the family and bought the weekly goods. Returned to the pension to eat. Went to the Cipolletti Terminal to pick up my comp. She didn’t arrive. hna Van Boerum arrives. Her and hna Chavez take a taxi to my pension. I took a taxi to Neuquen to pick up my companion. I walk into the mission home and I meet hna Hellsterns parents and sister as well as the parents and sister of hna Farrow. I pick up my companion. We go in taxi to the pension to drop off her luggage. My comp and I go to terminal to send off some other hermanas and to pick up the hermana Larson. The bus driver wouldn’t let them put their luggage on so we got stuck with their luggage. We took the taxi with the extra luggage to the pension. We sent the hna Vilca,  hna Afane and hna Larson to the pension of hermana Larson. We all sleep the night in the pension. We wake up at 6:30. Exersice. Eat. studies. Cyber to let the new hermanas write their families. We took hna Van Boerum and Chavez to Fernández Oro. We showed them their pension. We left them there. hna Larson goes to pick up her newbie because she is training. hna Vilca and Afane stay with us because they didn’t have a pension in their new area. We almost send them to Allen but then we get a call from the office saying they got a pension. We sent the hnas in taxsi to their new area. and then….
Oh holy smokes it was a hectic 4 days and has been a chaotic 7 days. We taught a total of 6 lessons with week because we were sooooooooo busy with the new hermanas and getting them all settled and oh my goodness and I am just so happy to be ALIVE!
I CAN BREATH! I am thankful for my air. Yup.
My new companion is the Hermana Maldonado. She is from Tandil, Buenas Aires. She is basically hysterical and we just laugh are little heads off all day! We have been enjoying ourselves. She is a hard working and a great teacher. We are going to see miracles! We make mistakes but the Lord helps us.
This ward is AMAZING! We are seeing so much support and help from the members that basically on Sunday our planners are being filled by them!!!!! its basically pretty cooll…. or… FLIPPING AWESOME!!!
Be a good member!
I learned a lot about God this week: God can change us. He can. It’s fact. But He can only change us when we let Him. He will never force us. He will never take away our agency because He is loving. But He does wish for us to trust in Him completely.
May we let God change us and make us better every day.
Hay mucho por reír. Les quiero mucho! Sigan adelante!
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston3-14-16 Transfers - Phew
Transfers – Phew
3-14-16 Waiting for companions and Pensions
Waiting for other Companions and Clearance for Pensions
3-14-16 Less Active Member that is genius in his knowledge about the Bible.  His is Broken
This less active member is a genius in his knowledge about the Bible.  His is broken

His Name is Jesus – Week 71 March 7th, 2016

There was an hermana is our district named hermana Lahmann from California. She sings like an angel and writes music. She has been writing a song for some months now that is called “His name is Jesus”. She has it all in her head but doesn’t play the piano much, So. On Monday, we sat down at the piano and as she sang I went along playing the notes and at the end of the half hour we had written the music to accompany the sweet words. IT WAS SO AWESOME!
I absolutely love music and I know that we can bear our testimonies through great singing.

We had a pretty crazy week.

We had been praying to find an investigator, Camila, in her house. And we just couldn’t find her. My companion had been praying basically the whole transfer to be able to find her. (I didn’t know who she was). We had been praying to find her in her house but nothing seemed to be happening so my companion changed her prayer. She asked the Lord to help us find her in the street. That we could be able to cross her on a corner or see her on the other side of the street or something. That was Thursday night that she had prayed for this.  On Friday we were walking down a street like always and all of a sudden my companion asks me, “Is that Camila?” She puts her hand over her gasping mouth. Lo and behold it WAS Camila. Something so simple as to find someone in the street.
And God answered.

We taught her later that night and come to find out her brother, who lives in Chile, is the Branch President and her sister in law is a member! We invited her to be baptized and she said she wants to!! We didn’t put a specific date because she is currently living with her boyfriend Cristian. So please pray for her!

Please pray for Bauti, Martín, Nacho, Mario, Morena, Roxana, Etel, Atonela and Camila.

My companion the Hermana Hellstern… I dropped her off at the mission home today. She ended her mission faithfully. She is an amazing missionary and I have learned so much from her. I am so glad to be able to call her one of my best friends from here in the mission. She is fantastic. I wish her well.

Also, I am sending a shout out to Hermana Larson. It was her birthday yesterday and she will be training a newbie this transfer!

I learned a lot about God this week: When we sanctify ourselves and act on our faith, the miracles, even the small ones, come in grand measures. The Lord is very conscious of his children. God wants to open up the door to heaven to his children. He has that longing desire. But we, as those on the other side of the door, have the key. Let us unlock that door by entering into the waters of baptism.

My New companion is the Hermana Maldonado. She is from Buenas Aires. She is AWESOME I have heard. She hasn’t gotten here yet so I haven’t met her but…

“His name is Jesus. He’ll never leave us. And even if we fall. He’s there through it all. it all. And every pain, temptation or… dificult situation.. he is there”.

His name is Jesus.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
3-7-16 Cinnamon Rolls for Hermana Larsen's Birthday
I made cinnamon rolls for Hermana Larson’s birthday.
3-7-16 Hermanos made a cake for Hermana Larsen's b-day
Hermanos made a birthday cake for Hermana Larson.
3-7-16 District Selfie
District Selfie
3-7-16 Soccer on P-Day
Soccer on P-Day is always a favorite
3-7-16 This is the hermana Lahmann whom with we wrote the music to that song.  She is one of the happiest peoples I have ever met.
3-7-16 This is the hermana Lahmann whom with we wrote the music to that song. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met.
3-7-16 Melina Gambera is a member.  I really liked her shirt.
3-7-16 Melina Gambera is a member. I really liked her shirt.3-7-16 A boy named Fransico is in the tree
3-7-16 A boy named Fransico is in the tree.

Week 70 – February 29th, 2016 – Small Plates and a White Night

Okay I think I might have to go by points this email because I have so much that I want to tell you!

Okay. So..

This week we had a satelite transmission conference with Elder David A. Bednar with all of the missionaries (6000 of us) from the South America South Area of the church. It was incredible. I learned that we need to write small plates and not large plates.

After the transmission we got stuck in Neuquén because some people who are mad at the government went and cut the bridge, meaning they went and stood in front of it so no one could go through, cuz they want more money or something like that. So we had to have lunch in basically a mall here in Neuquén that is called JUMBO. It was like taking a 2 hour trip to the WORLD!
It was fun but it was absolutely awful! I hope the world really isn’t like that! We had to look at our feet and such, but on the plus side we did get to eat at Subway and/or Burger King and/or McDonanlds. It was CRAZY!

I was companions with the Hermana Larson for one whole day this week. It was a smallish kind of flash back to our days in Esquel but even better. She speaks perfect spanish and is such a good missionary! I love her so much! She is going to be a great leader in the mission and in the world.

We were able to see Bautista and Martín Rodriguez get baptized! IT WAS SO AWESOME! We had 6 baptisms all together as a ward! The elders had two, we had two and  the other hermanas had one and the ward itself had an 8 year old get baptized! It was amazing! It was literally a WHITE NIGHT. As we ended the evening we were analyzing how are day went and pointing out a bunch of things that could have gone wrong and/or went wrong (like not having enough water to fill up the baptismal font and having to go into the attic of the church to open up some big tanks of water to get the baptismal font filled)… but everything turned out MARVELOUS!

post it note: I played the violin as hermana lahman,  hermana ringen and Flor Bravo (a young women from our ward) sang Simple Gifts – but in spanish. It was super fun and nerve racking because I hadn’t played the violin for so long but I am so grateful for the talent that my Heavenly Father has given me and I know I shouldn’t hide those talents which he gives me. I love music and I know it is a great way to testify of my Savior!

This week I learned a lot about God: I learned that He wants us to be humble because when we are humble He gives us the companionship of the Holy Ghost, which we need daily. I also learned that He is pleased when His sons and daughters enter into the covenant of baptism by immersion by someone holding the authority of God. He is pleased.

I know that as we are baptized, the doors of heaven are literally opened to us. Heleman 3:28

Thank you all for your support and love! Keep up the good work. Share the gospel! It is our duty as members!

Los quiero muchísimo! Qué tengan una semana llena de milagros!
Hermana Janessa Houston
2-29-16  8 people got baptized today

6 people were baptized tonight.  Woo Hoo

2-29-16 Bautista and Martin Rodriquez were baptized

Bautista and Martin Rodriguez got baptized

2-29-16 Cool  Hermana Hellstrom, Baustita, Martin and me

Sporting some cool shades. Hermana Hellstrom, Bautista and Martin Rodriguez and Hermana Houston

2-29-16 Happy Baptism Day, Bautista and Martin

Bautista and Martin are SO HAPPY

2-29-16 Rodriguez Family

Rodriguez Family

2-29-16 Thumbs Up

Thumbs UP – It’s a great day

2-29-16 Attic for Water

Elders had to unleash the Water Tanks in the Attic, so they could fill baptismal font.

2-29-16 Barfy Burgers

Barfy Burgers

2-29-16 Baptisms.  Hurray



Week 69 – Pure Relgion, February 22, 2016

Welp. This week we were teaching Melanie, a recient convert, and her friend Lucia. We were outside on the side of their house on some old rickety chairs. Mine was a lawn chair and my companion’s was a plastic chair. At the end of the lesson I was testifying to these 15 year old girls of the LOVE of Christ for them. The spirit was there and everything. Then all of a sudden I hear this HUGE CRACK and feel this weight push me over from my left side. I fell over. All the dogs got up then I looked around to find that….. my companion’s chair had broken and she had fallen on top of me. HAHA. It was one of those you had to be there moments.

As we were teaching Cecilia this week the lights went out in the whole neighborhood. Believe it or not that is really really common. But did that stop us from teaching?? NO! Thanks to my glow in the dark watch we were able to continue in our journey through the darkness. (the evenings are getting dark earlier here). We talked to her about prophets and how grateful we are to have a modern day prophet who guides and teaches us so that we aren’t just thrown about with whatever doctrine comes to our door. She is progressing so much. She reads the Book of Mormon almost every day and is almost in Jacob!! Crazy! She believes that our message is valid but she doesn’t know yet if it is the only true message. Oh and Guess what??? SHE CAME TO CHURCH! She was able to come and to enjoy the spirit and meetings of it all. 
The scripture in James 1:27 occured twice this week. It says:
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction , and to keep himself unspotted from the world . 
If we want to live the real religion that is pure and true we need to visit and keep ourselves unspotted. We can see that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and true church. We do visiting teaching. We teach repentance. And we have the restored authority of God. We are the one and only true church. 
Let us be obedient to His laws and commandments. in Doctrine and Covenants 88:22 it says: For he who is not able to abide the law of a celestial kingdom cannot abide a celestial glory.
Folks! We need to be obedient so that when we get to the celestial kingdom we will know what to do and how to be celestial!! 
Being obedient is practicing heaven.
We found 2 new FAMILIES this week! Etel, Marcelo, and Emiliano Lujan. They are golden! and Roxana, Katherine, and Abigail! Pray for them! They listen so well but they are afraid of baptism! 
Things are good here! I love teaching repentance and and being an instrument in the Lord’s hands. 
What will you do today to make this very day matter for someone else? 
Don’t think about yourself today. Think of others. 
I love you all! Keep up the good work and keep your standards always high, flying with the eagles. 
I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston
2-22-16 Cipoletti
2-22-16 Investigators
Melanie (New Convert), Hermana Hellstrom and Melanie’s friend Lucia & me.
2-22-16 broken chair
broken chair
2-22-16  That Face
2-22-16 Glass Wall
Keep Out – Brick and GLASS Wall.

Week 68 – The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

You have all heard of those country singers that sing insanely low notes, no? They just rumble the whole room when they sing? I AM THAT GUY! haha. Just kidding but on Saturday and Sunday I basically had the adam’s-apple of a thirty year old macho man. I was singing the bass notes and everything! But my throat has recuperated and I am doing well.

This week we saw a lot more success than last week. We have been contacting in the streets between appointments and we have met some incredible people.

As hermana leaders we get to do exchanges with the hermanas in our zone. I got to do them with Hermana Ringen, from Idaho. She is great! I learned soo much from her! We taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon to our investigators Ricardo and Monica. The way she taught it was so simple and easy to understand that they UNDERSTOOD!!!! I feel so grateful for the opportunity to get to know the missionaries here and learn from each one. I know that the  Lord wants us to learn from all of those that surround us.

I wish that everyone would read the Book of Mormon.  It is a book with great power and love. I know that the prophets wrote it for our benefit today in these latter days. I know that as we read the words of the prophets daily we can come closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We talked a lot with our investigators and the members this week about the celestial kingdom. We asked them all, “Who do you want to be there with you in the Celestial Kingdom?” As we asked this question we read in Doctrine and Coventants 137 and had them all write down the names of the people the wish to see in the Kingdom on God. It was a very spiritual experience. I invite all of you to write down the names of allllll the people whom you wish to see in the Celestial Kindgom. Read D&C 137 and then makes plans about how you will help these people arrive with you. (Great FHE).

The celesital kindgom is the goal. The eternal family is the celestial happiness. Let us not leave anyone behind.

I hope you all have a great week!

Please pray for Bauti, Martin, Cecilia, Emmanuel, Familia Fernández, and all those of the city Cipolletti!

God bless you all. I have been learning a lot about the character of our Heavenly Father lately. He his full of Justice but also of Mercy.

Make Monday matter for someone today.

Que tengan una semana llena de milagros y experiencias misionales!

Los quiero muchísimo.

I’ll See You Soon,
Hermana Janessa Houston